Monday, August 4, 2014

10 months: On the Move

My Macy turned 10 months on the 17th of July.
I am a bit behind on posting this.

Probably because I am busy chasing this little rascal.
All day long.

She is moving and crawling, up on all fours now.

And those little hands and knees can book it.
Down the hallway, into the kitchen, through the door.
You name it, she can get there.

And fast.
Really fast.

There is a reason that this little peanut is our Macer Racer.

A reason, indeed.


Sunday, July 27, 2014

Colin is 4!

My handsome blue-eyed boy is 4 today! The big 4!
Colin is funny and witty, quick with a joke and has perfect comic timing.

He is my loving little man who is quick with a hug and kiss.
He feels everything passionately, the good and the bad.

He loves his family and will defend them against anything or anyone.
If he thinks someone (much bigger than him) is not treating his brother fairly, he will confront them.
He is our little protective bulldog.

I love my sweet boy who still needs mom to hug him and love him. He will still ask me to hold him and I always oblige.

Words can not describe how happy we are that you came into our lives 4 years ago. You have brought us so much joy and we are so lucky that you are our.

Happy Birthday, my sweet boy.
I love you forever.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Scenes of Summer

 View at my Grandparent's house.

While stores may be heralding "Back to School" and the fall roll out has begun to pop up, there is a still a good solid month or more of summer. Good, hot, summer.

Let's not get too carried away here, folks.

So, in honor of summer and enjoying it until it's last heated breathe... here are some scenes of our summer thus far.

 Popsicles and silly faces.

Too big sun hats.

Very first boat rides, in super cool shades.

 Pokemon birthdays!

Babies on blankets, always wanting the same toy.

Sharing puffs with Great Grandpa.

Trekking down to the river, off on boat ride.

Ever-present visitors of the avian variety.

Smiles for cousins who grow and graduate so soon.

Very first frappacinos on a date with mom. Strawberries and cream, of course.

Fishy umbrellas that help accessorize our Sunday best.

And, finally, brother's taking a watermelon and strawberry popsicle break, talking away.

Here's to many more summer memories to be made.

Have a great week!

Monday, July 7, 2014

The day we went to the beach...but forgot our swimsuits...

 Before the celebrations of the 4th of July and Jack's 6th birthday, we decided to join my family and head to Lake Michigan and enjoy a day at the beach.

The weather was forecasted to be cooler than normal and I packed loads of layers.
And no swimsuits.
I had shorts and long sleeve shirts, pants and sweatshirts.
But no actual swim wear.


It did not, however, stop my boys and they jumped right in.
Quite literally

 Beach baby doesn't like her sun hat. Or any hat. Or bow. Or headband.

Lake Michigan. So beautiful.

Handsome hubby.

Of course Colin would find a stick in the water. The boy can find a stick anywhere.

Building in the sand, regardless of attire.

"Ahhh. I am just relaxing here, Mom."

Colin bird nest.

Macy and my Dad playing in the sand. She loved to grab big handfuls and let the sand pour through her fingers.

Colin birds like to be buried in the sand.

However, my sister remembered my niece's cute tutu suit!

Even though forgetfulness and lack of communication left us without the most basic beach apparel, it was still such a fun day. We loved spending time at the beach, walking the boardwalk in Grand Haven and getting some ice cream and pizza at the end of the day.

Friday, July 4, 2014


Six years ago today I met this handsome little man.
When he came into the world, I loved him at first sight and since than, my love has continued to grow. 
He made me a mother and brought a value to my life that can not be explained.
So in honor of my Jack's 6th birthday, here are just 6 little things that I love about him!

1. I love his thirst for knowledge. He will not rest until he finds out how things work, what they do and what it means. He loves learning and I hope that is a trait that will continue throughout his lifetime.

2. I love his smile. I love that he had a front gap in his teeth like his momma. I love that he is quick with a smile. I love the shy smile and the happy smile and the "Oops, I made a mistake" smile.

3. I love his sense of humor. He is always coming up with his own jokes and loves to make his dad laugh.

4. I love that he is a big brother. He is the best. He looks after Colin and Macy with much care and much bossiness. He takes this privilege very seriously.

5. I love that he always wants the family to be together. He wants us all together, all the time. He has decided to never get married, so that he can just stay home and live with us. He will work with his dad, because grown ups work, but he will not get married because he doesn't want to leave his house. Macy has been delegated to get married and have kids, because Jack would like to be an Uncle.

6. I love that he still likes to snuggle his momma. He is free with his kisses and still tries to climb up onto my lap. His long, lanky legs are getting harder to fold underneath him as he tries to snuggle down into my lap, but he makes a valiant effort. I hope he always wants to have some snuggle time with me.

There are thousands more things that I love about this first born boy of mine, but today, on his very special 6th birthday, I will leave you with just a taste.

We love you so much and look forward to all that in store for you for this year!

Happy 4th of July, everyone!

* In the theme of numbers, this 4th of July is also the first one without my Grandma. Over 40 people will gather at her house today, like we always did, and celebrate together. She would have loved it.

This is also the 5th year that Grandpa Jack has been gone. My son's namesake is still dear in our hearts and will always be remembered. He is greatly missed. My Jack is so much like his own Great Grandpa Jack and that makes me happy to think about!

Monday, June 30, 2014

9 months: The Peanut

My Macy is now 9 months old.

And she is a little peanut.

Like, not growing as fast as she should, little peanut.
Her 9 month wellness check was not so successful.
She is busy and active and not interested in eating at all.
Healthy, but needing to eat more and grow at a quicker rate.

BUT, this cute little stinker will not take a bottle, or a sippy cup and will only nurse.
So we are trying to feed her more solid foods (which she is not a fan of) and I am working on improving my milk supply.

Does anyone know how to make a baby take a sippy cup?

Not helping the eat more food situation was Macy's first real cold.

Little Lady was coughing and sneezy and runny-nosed for a solid week. 
As you can tell, she is just not her happy little self in these pictures.

The cold has now left and Macy is starting to eat more and hopefully grow!

Never a dull moment in her little world. She knows her likes and her dislikes and voices them regulary.

So, chunking up those little legs is the order of business around these parts.
That, and snuggling and kissing.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

A Day in June: School Days

A long time ago, I recorded what a day looked liked and blogged about it. 
Now, it is one of my very favorite posts to look back at. I remember those routines, contemplate how they have changed and savor those special moments that seemed so mundane at the time, but were so fleeting.

So, before the end of Jack's first year of school came to an end, I wanted to document it.

Here is our day on June 6th, 2014.

Fridays are favorite days in our household. Friday is Pizza Day at school. Jack stays for recess and pizza lunch with his friends. It is his very favorite day at school, followed closely by Show and Tell on Mondays. This Friday was a bit different, as they were celebrating the summer birthdays, so Jack and another little friend were going to celebrate their birthdays with cupcakes, fruit and a special Birthday interview.

I made the cupcakes late that Thursday night but was going to get up early to frost them.

 However, Macy was fussy throughout the night and I overslept my alarm. I woke up 20 minutes before Jack was suppose to leave for school. (My saint of a husband gets up with the boys, gets Jack ready for school and takes him every day. This allows me to get a bit more sleep) 

So, first thing frosting.

Quickly followed by a cup of coffee. Teething, non sleeping babies are no joke.

 I was able to get them frosted in time and the handsome kindergartener was on his way!

However, the baby was not happy about all that cupcake frosting. After destroying all her brothers' toys, she was ready to nurse. I was not ready. She doesn't like waiting. Obviously.

BUT, a freshly fed baby is a happy baby. She played with medieval weaponry while her brother played with his legos and his leap pad. I wanted to have a picture of my cute Colin, but he prefers to not wear clothes and I didn't think that the internet needed a pic of Thomas the Train undies.

Baby was ready for her morning nap and I get to sneak in some cuddles, as this is the only time she is still.

Colin and I had some lunch as Macy napped and we got ready to go pick Jack up from school.

The pick up team. I love my mornings with Colin. He talks and talks to me and tells me everything he sees on our way to the school.

Macy is the star at school. The kids love to surround her and talk to her. Somewhere in that swarms of little bodies is Macy in her carseat. The kids are so good with her and love to talk to her every day.

Once we are home, the boys get to watch one episode of Octonauts. Colin is checking the facts with an animal book. It helps Jack unwind from school and than it is off the play for the boys. They usually are pretending they are some sort of marine animal that they see on the show.

 While the boys are playing, Macy gets her lunch. Sweet potatoes today, her favorite!

 After another round of play time, it is time for Macy's afternoon nap. I may or may not snuggle with her well after she is asleep.

Afternoon quiet time sometimes involves quiet reading in separate rooms, but today the boys begged to make a big bed on the floor and watch a movie. I agreed and the movie of choice was Elf.

  While Macy sleeps and the boys' have their quiet time, I work out. One of the many things that I love about Fit2b is that I can work out with my laptop, in the same room with the boys, keeping an eye on everything and still getting in a solid 30-45 minute work out.

Late into the afternoon the baby wakes up, the movie ends and I start to make some dinner. Ryan comes home and we  eat. Tonight, we decided to take a walk after dinner. Jack needs to practice riding his bike more, so that he can try to get his training wheels off.

After the walk, it is bed time for the boys. Teeth are brushed, stories are read, prayers are said and it is off to bed for them.

Night time is wild time for Macy. It is like she has to burn up all her energy before bed. She scoots all over the place, tearing into the boys toys. Here, she has pulled the bin off the shelf and happily threw out every single toy, as fast as she could.

Our quiet evening ended with the finishing of Season 1 of Downton Abbey. I know that I am behind the times, but I am slowly making my way through the series. Bed time for mom usually does not come soon enough.

And that is our day in June.

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