Monday, July 4, 2016

8 things I like about you

Eight years ago this wonderful boy came into the world.
Not only is it America's birthday, but it is also Jack's birthday.

So, in honor of his big day, here are 8 things that I like about Jack.
(I could go on and on, but 8 seemed a fitting number for such a boy on his 8th birthday)

1. I love his smile. Right now, he has a small gap in his front grown teeth, and I like it.

2. The amount of angst that happens when he is restrained to just ONE book at his favorite used book store. How can one choose just ONE book when there are SO many?! 
(Never fear. He has some gift cards coming and will be able to buy to his heart's content.)

3. I like how he can hold entire conversations in movie quotes.

4. I like that he can't decide if he likes to do math or read. "They both are just so fun." And I hope that  always continues.

5. I like that I have to nightly confiscate books out of his bed because otherwise he would stay up reading hours after his bed time.

6. I like that he wants to be the big brother. He doesn't want anyone else to take his job. It is just too important to him.

7. I like that you always make sure to give your ol' mom a kiss goodnight, no matter what.

8. I like your love of learning and desire to research everything around you. I hope that you always pursue truth and justice in all that you do.

There are so many things that I can say about you, my Jack, my first born. You keep us laughing and on on our toes. We love you SO much.
Thank you for giving me my very favorite job. Mom.
May your 8th birthday be filled with love, laughter and your long sought after blue high tops.

We love you!

Happy 8th Birthday, Jack David.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

The Highlight Reel

Well... it's been awhile. Three solid months to be exact. I didn't plan on taking such a long hiatus from the ol' blog, but life just happened. Days turned into weeks and weeks into months...and here we are. The first of June. Summer is just a skip, hop and a jump away.

But in those blank spaces of March, April and May special things happened. Fun and exciting things.

So, instead of a massive recap, let's just go with the best parts.

The highlight reel of sorts.

Happy Easter! 
And a family picture where we are ALL looking at the camera. A small miracle.

Hunting for eggs, but not with out a little ankle poppin' pose for the camera.

The Hubby and I got away for a snowy (and deathly sick) filled spring break weekend in Chicago.

Putting on the Ritz in our fancy clothes for the New Morning School auction.

Macy put on her hat, put a hat on her Daddy and told me it was her "marrying hat".
Nothing cuter than a little girl that wants to marry her Daddy.

In April, I flew back to the city of my birth, Salt Lake City, UT. I joined my parents and my sister and we spent time with our Andrew side cousins and had a burial service for my aunt and grandmother. (My Aunt passed away in 2008 and my Grandmother last fall) 
We brought their urns to be buried with my Grandfather.

While the reason for the trip was sad, it was so good to be with family and to explore Utah and the mountains again. I had not been in Utah in almost 20 years!
(And now I feel super old)

Macy and I took a girls' trip to meet up with my mom, sister and her kids and our good friend from MO.

First stop, Bronners. The largest Christmas store in the world.

Frankenmuth cut out were a big hit with Macy.

Her cousin Elliot was not as impressed.

Mother's Day greeted me with donuts, giant homemade cards and sweet smiles from my favorite girl.

Post-park McD's ice cream cones on Mother's Day. 

Memorial Day weekend road trip. Shades on, ready to roll.

It's bubble time.

I walked in on Colin, just brushing his teeth with his sunglasses on.

No big deal.

Peace out, mom...

And a little Memorial Day festival food under a leafy tree.

So, that is our late spring highlight reel.

Some of the golden moments that were splattered in-between the school lunches, drop offs and pick ups, soccer practises and  potty training conversations.

We are ready for June.

We are ready.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Be Like Her

It's been two years since my Grandma left this world.

It seems like such a long time ago.

It seems like yesterday.

I still miss her.

We all do.

Macy will do something so funny and silly and I wish she was there to watch it.

I wish she was here to know her great granddaughter.

She would want Jack to talk to her about books.

She would ask Colin about soccer.

She would talk with Ryan about his latest project.

She would ask because she cared, because she was engaged, because she was involved.

It is a good reminder for me, on this bittersweet day.

Be like her.



Be involved.

Be like her.

Monday, January 25, 2016

32 years ago...

... this guy came into the world.

Thank goodness.

Because we could not imagine a world without him

Happiest birthday to the best man I know. Thank you for being loving, caring and providing so well. Your integrity speaks volumes to your character and you make me so proud to be your wife.

I can't wait to celebrate with you this year and than for the next 32 more years.

We all love you so much.

Happy Birthday my love.

Monday, January 4, 2016

The Best Is Yet To Come

Happy 2016!



We made it.

This year. It is going to be a big year for us, I can feel it.

2015 was good and trying and challenging. All years are. We have had some changes that happened late into the year that are bringing us to new places this January.

Late in December, Ryan closed the door on his job in Ann Arbor. He joined the start up with high expectations 18 months ago. If you know us, you know how much he worked. Hours upon hours, way past what is normal or, in my wifely opinion, acceptable. He gave it 100%. Somewhere along the way, the effort grew one sided. Ryan kept working, but expectations were not met on their side. It was a challenging time.

 But, out of the blue, Ryan was offered a new job. A promotion, with a nice raise. They pursued him, and offered everything that was promised before at the former job, plus some.

God is so good. While in the midst of struggling, there was a light at the end of the tunnel. We had no idea, but He did.

So, in this new year, this fresh start and clean slate, Ryan started his new job. The boys are back in school, ready to tackle the new year. Macy and I are up the remainder of vacation fun.

This is just the start though. (Not the cleaning though, that will always be around)

There is more to come.

Good things. Great things. Challenging things.

There is an underlining excitement for this year that I have not felt in awhile.

We are taking some big steps. Faith filled steps. Scary steps. Exciting steps.

The best is yet to come.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Trimming the Tree

 We got a new {faux} Christmas tree this year and the kids were very excited to get it up and to help decorate it.  Everyone was very eager to look at every.single. ornament and we had lots of helpers this year.

My grandmother always gave my siblings and me an ornament for Christmas every year and I love looking through my large collection. I started the same traditions with my kids. Colin got his giraffe when he was two. 

 Boo Boo by the tree.

Macy has a very intimidating "muscle" pose.

After much discussion and debating, it was decided that Colin would try to put the star on the top of the tree. No one could remember who did it last year and the vote fell to Colin.
He was very excited!

I hope that you are enjoying this Season of celebrations and taking time to enjoy a few laughs, a few snuggles and extra "helpers".

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Giving Thanks

My blessings are multiple. Health, family, love, life. All chocked full of blessings.

The day to day can makes those blessing hazy, getting out of focus as the latest accident needs to be cleaned up, or the same warning of getting off the counter has been issued 12 times in a row.

One of the things that I like best about Thanksgiving is that the important thing comes back into focus and those daily annoyances fade to the background where they belong. A entire day to think about your blessings, the be thankful for those who are around you. While so much bad seems to be happening, there is always, always good. Roofs over heads, clothes on bodies, smiles, laughter, food in the fridge. All worthwhile blessings to count today and every day.

Since I could write for hours about the things I am thankful for, I decide to just pick the main 4 reasons of my life. The reasons that my world spins round and that makes all that daily grind more than worth it.

I am thankful for my husband. He is my best friend and partner in life. His integrity is true and deep. Maybe I was naive, but the longer my husband has been in the business world, the more shocking the lack of integrity and lack of basic honesty abides in business, even businesses run by people of faith. Regardless of what was said, promises or how he was treated, Ryan has remained true and faithful, never wavering in his integrity. I love many, many things about him, but this is one of my favorites. I am so proud to have my children watch their dad and how he deals with life and work. Ryan is showing them what it means to be honest and true to your word, regardless of if it is the easiest or fastest path in life.

I am so thankful for my oldest baby, my Jack. His love for learning and discovering is inspiring. He is thriving in school, eager to lead his peers and excited about any academic challenge. His teachers speak highly of his bright and fun personality and we couldn't agree more. He likes to tell jokes, dance, and entertain those around him. I love my little book worm who asks for biographies on inventors for Christmas and eagerly anticipates Monday morning's new list of spelling words. He is a friend to all and we love that just as much!

I am so thankful for my Colin, lovingly nicknamed Boo Boo by his sister. My middle man is kind and sweet, shy to those he first meets but fiercely loyal to his friends. He is navigating Kindergarten well, leaning to engage with those around him and growing in confidence.  His natural intuition with sports has been fascinating to watch. He is a coach at heart. Colin understands how a sport should work and controls the field or the court. He always looks for the open player, directs teammates to the best place and competes fully. He is the only 5 year old I know who can look at a full field or court and than decides what is the best thing to do. Put him in a large room with a lot of people and he will be quiet and shy, playing only with those he knows. Put him on a soccer field or basketball court and he comes alive, engaging with everyone. Most importantly, he laughs and has the most fun. We love our silly, emotional Boo Boo. He does everything at 100%.

I am so thankful for my only girl, my little momma on the go. Macy is loud and funny and determined to never, ever be left out. She is talking up a storm these days. There is never a doubt about what she does or does not want. She loves to sing and will sometimes answer her dad and brothers by singing a motivational or instructional little jingle from Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood. They really appreciate that, especially when it involves eating their dinner.  ("You gotta try new foods, cause it might taste gooooood. Gooo ooo ood!") She is sassy and definitely TWO. She asks where we are going every day and always takes either a bag, a baby and some sort of accessories. She loves to play with kids and every child she sees is her "friend". She gives great hugs and kisses. We are so happy to have a little lady in our life. We love our Macy so.

So, count your blessings, big or small today. I know that holidays can be hard, especially when there is a loss in the year. We lost my Grandma Andrew on my birthday this year. It is hard. It can be difficult to see past the pain and to see any good at all. But know that you are never truly alone, it is never truly hopeless.  There is Hope in the One that sacrificed it all for you. (John 3:16-17)

Happiest Thanksgiving, friends!