Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Sweetest Six!

My girl is 6 today.

In some ways, she seems like she is so much older and yet, I remember the first time I looked at my sweet little Eskimo baby with all that pitch black hair and those squishy little cheeks.

She stole our heart the moment she arrived and has had it ever since.

Macy is kind and funny. She cares deeply for her friends and her family.

Macy is artistic and loves to paint, color and create. She loves music and dancing and her very favorite thing to do right now is play with her Barbies.
She spends hours playing and creating with her Barbies.

Macy just started Kindergarten and is cautiously optimistic about it. Macy is not a fan of change or the unknown, so this new Kindergarten venture has stretched her and she has answered admirably.

Macy loves nature and the outdoors and this year, she and her Daddy made their first garden. Little did they know that those cute little cherry tomato plants would grown to be 10 ft tall and take over the whole backyard!

 Macy loves her family and is the best big sister ever! She likes to get in her brothers way and knows how to get them upset, but she loves them dearly as well! She spends hours on the soccer field watching her brothers and rarely complains. She really is a fantastic soccer sister.


 We love our beautiful, sweet girl and we are so glad that she is ours.

Happy 6th Birthday, Macy Elizabeth. We pray that you grow in confidence this year and know how truly valued and loved you are. We love everything about you. Now...stop growing so fast!! 

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

2 years! Happy Gotcha Day!

Two years ago today we met this sweet face for the very first time. While we had been preparing for her, long before we knew who she was or even before she was born, it still did not prepare me for that actual day. That actual moment when I laid eyes on her, no longer a blurred video or a still photo, but a small, scared, living and breathing child, my heart exploded. There she was. There was our Maggie Li Ya.

It was the most beautiful, bittersweet, emotional day. We gained a daughter. She lost everything she had even known. Adoption comes from a place of deep loss. It finds beauty from the ashes. We found great beauty in Maggie, in her life and forever a part of our family. But, we will always acknowledge that this beautiful life came to us from a place of deep loss.  The loss of her birth family, her country, her heritage.

  Meredith Toering said it best. "Adoption. It's that beautiful and broken hallelujah.
There is no erasing the loss of what was-it is also not a replacing, the trading of one story for another.

No- adoption is the total gathering of all you were and are and who you will be. A tender holding of all the parts and pieces of the story, all the chapters that have been written and the ones yet to come.

It's that hand outstretched that grabs on and steps bravely into a story - CHOOSE that story- and says, 'with all of me and all of us, we choose all of you' and it's that little hand that reaches up to take and to trust."

We would cross the world a thousand times to get to you, Margaret Li Ya. And the fact that you trusted us, accepted us as YOUR own leaves us forever humbled.

Your nannies charged us to care and protect you, and it was a charge that we take very, very seriously. What a privilege it is to be your family!

Today, Maggie is three and thriving! She will start preschool in the fall. We are elbow deep in potty training to ensure that will happen! She will continue with her speech therapy as well.

She loves her siblings and has to do EVERYTHING they do. Everything.

She is still obsessed with Minnie Mouse.

She is our social butterfly who likes to say Hi and chat up anyone who will stop and listen to her.

She is a hugger, and will always give hugs when she leaves places. She will hug you, whether you like it or not. Luckily for Maggie, 99% of the people like her hugs! Only a few stand out little boys are not such a fan of Maggie hugs.

She loves her milk but now is completely on cups and no bottles!

She is growing and learning so much.

She is happy and silly and feisty.

Three has welcomed a whole new level of tantrums, but she will usually end them with a silly laugh and try to hug it out. Ah, the emotions of 3 year olds.

While I can still vividly remember August 7, 2017, from my waking moments to the last thing we did as we put her to bed for the first time, I have a hard time remembering what life was like before Maggie. She is so ingrained into our family and a part of who we are that it seems like we have had her forever, not just two years.

We love you so much Margaret Li Ya Fedell.

Happy 2nd Gotcha Day!

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Saturday, July 27, 2019


It's been 9 years since this boy made his debut into the world! My sweet second born has always been a display of sweet and feisty, active and calm, loving and fiery. Whatever Colin does, he does it 100%. 

 Colin is loyal and kind, athletic and competitive, funny and silly. He defends his friends, helps out those around him and will compete with anyone...doing anything.

 Colin's favorite thing to do is play soccer. He would play every minute of every day. He loves to watch his favorite team, Tottenham Hotspurs, play and watches most games. He always reports to me on how the recess soccer game went...before he tells me how the actual school day went.

Despite the first soccer report of the day, Colin enjoys school and loves to read. He likes to spend time researching for his writing projects (usually about soccer) and is very detailed in his work. He is looking forward to 4th grade and his final year in elementary.

 Colin is a fantastic brother. He was the first sibling to bond with Maggie...even before we brought her home. He was actively engaged in our whole adoption process and their sweet attachment has grown into a beautiful friendship.

He also loves to be with his big brother, playing hours and hours of soccer, video games and general rough housing. He also enjoys being the older boss of Macy :) 

Dedication is a word that I would use to describe Colin in all things. He is deeply dedicated to soccer and his team. His focus belies his age. The picture above he is writing out his fitness goals for the month while watching the Premier League.  He also funnels that same dedication to school and his family. I am not sure where that laser focus comes from, but it is very much a part of who Colin is.

He is also one of the silliest and funniest kids around. His 3rd grade teacher told me he was the funniest kid she had ever met and that he made her laugh every day in school. He has always made us laugh with his dry sense of humor, but I am glad that he is starting to show the rest of the world that silly, fun side of him!

Happiest Birthday, Colin.  We love you so much!
We are so excited to watch you grow! 

Thursday, July 4, 2019

"I ran out of fingers"

Today my baby is 11.

 He told me that he ran out of fingers now. No longer can he use both hands to tell his age.

Time doesn't hold still, just like Jack.

Jack is always on the the go and prefers to be doing something at all times.

His interests are varied and he participates in many different things!

Jack worked extra hard this year in soccer and futsal and was able to make a high level Michigan Jaguars club team this year.

We are so proud of the determination that you showed and the hard work that you put in.
We can't wait to see you play this fall!

Jack also worked hard with his Destination Imagination team and went to State and qualified for Globals. I love that he uses his brain and his athletic ability.  Jack loved his DI team and is looking forward to next season.

Jack is the best big brother and all of the kids look up to him.

He also is always, always up for a laugh.

Life is never dull with you around, my son.

You keep us on our toes, and usually laughing!

You love to write, and I hope that is a discipline that you continue to work hard on. Everyone always looks forward to your handmade cards! Hallmark should definitely hire you!

You love to be with your friends and we pray that you are a leader among them.

We pray that you stand firm in your convictions and show kindness to those around you.

Stand up for the lonely or ignored. Advocate for those who need a strong voice.

We love that you love your family and your friends.

We love your silly faces, your Dad jokes and your kind heart.

Happy 11th Birthday, my son.

You made us Mom and Dad, you challenge and inspire us.

We love you!