Friday, October 17, 2014

Fabulous Fall: Soccer!

The cool mornings now come with a frosty grass coating. Leaves are changing and gently dancing their way down to the damp earth. Your warm breathe turns to a cloud of steam as you exhale.
Little boys layer up as they pull their oversized jerseys down.
Soccer season is coming to an end.

 Daddy and Macy cuddling to keep warm.

 Jack the goalie, ready for anything.

Happy boys with their soccer metals.

Great season, Cardinals!

This picture is the essence of preschool soccer. Everything that you need to know about preschool soccer is summed up in one single image.

Colin on the move.

Everyone needs a water break.

Good game, good game.

Great season, Volunteers!

While our Saturdays are now open, and the frantic rush to get everyone dressed and piled into the car by 8am is now over, we will miss spending our mornings on the soccer field.

It was a wonderful first sports experience and the boys both are looking forward to playing in the spring.

What a fabulous fall!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

8 the great

Happy Anniversary to my dear husband.  8 years!  It doesn't seem like it has been that long, but when I look around me and see these little people that are the fruit of this relationship, time has an ever-growing face.

We are spending the evening home, feasting on fresh pasta, cannolis and pumpkin cake. A pretty mellow anniversary, but we are hoping to get out this weekend to celebrate our anniversary and my birthday. My husband lucks out and we usually only celebrate the birthday and he gets a pass for the anniversary.

I am happy to say that we are just has happy now as we were when that picture was taken. Our love has grown and deepened over the years and I look forward to spending many more years together.

If you are interested, you can read about our story here.

 Thanks for walking through life with me, babe. I love you.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Back That Thing Up

Let me tell you my story of woe.

Deep, sad computer woe.

You see, computers do not last forever. They break, they are defective and sometimes, you even get a brand new, very bad part.

And if you are like me, you have many valuable things on that working mechanism that can connect you to the information super-highway.

Valuable things like pictures of your daughter's birth. Videos of your son saying adorable things like "Nanni" for the cat and every animal noise imaginable. Video collages that you created that celebrate the life well lived of your beloved Grandmother. Things more valuable than money, than the status symbol of a glowing apple icon or the allure of a new computer.

Things that can not be replaced.

So, back that stuff up. Back it up, back it up, back it up.

Go to Best Buy, invest in a good hard drive (between $50-100 and with a full terabyte worth of memory), plug that little wonder machine into your computer and back that stuff up.

You do not want to spend 2 weeks regretting not just doing it when you thought about it a few months ago. You do not want to shed tears over lost images. You don't want to think about not getting those back.

You just want to back that stuff up!

While my story of woe turned around, thanks to some hard, long work of my IT specialist at my office, their praise can be somewhat diminished. They installed a bad hard drive (not their fault) but deleted all my stored files after only 3 weeks (NOT a wise idea) so after lots of trials and tears(mine, not theirs) and work, they were able to restore my computer and images.

Do you know what I did when I got my computer back?

I backed that stuff up.


So, take this public service announcement and BACK UP your stuff!

You can thank me later.

Because this picture was brought to you from a found file that is now backed up.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

10 Ways I am Ruining My Daughter's Life

Inspired by a friend on Facebook who photographed her daughter crying because she would not allow her to drink her coffee and a few memes I have seen on Facebook, I paid attention to what was upsetting Macy one day.

It was a rough day. Teething is no joke, add in a small cold and you have recipe for disaster.

 So many "No"s. So many tears.

So I give you 10 ways I am ruining my daughter's life.


1. I would not let her chew on electrical cords.

2. I would not let her put her banana in her bouncing hippo to watch it jump and bounce.

3. I wiped the snot running down her face.

4. I would not let her eat raw eggs.

5. I would not let her put Legos in her mouth.

6. I would not let her carry my water cup around...which she has already broken.

7.I would not let her eat her brother's fruit snacks.

8. I changed her diaper.

9.I would not let her take the eggs out of the fridge.

10. I only showed her the pictures on the wall 100 times and not 101 times.

It's a hard life for a baby. A hard knock life.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Firsts of Fall...

We jumped from summer and vacation into school and fall activities at full force.

Zero to 100 mph in a day.

It was crazy.

On September 2nd, Colin started his first day at preschool. 

Jack started his first day of First grade! 

Not only did they both start school, but they both started soccer! Our Saturdays are now filled with  cleats, shin guards and jerseys.  Colin plays on a co-ed preschool team, while Jack is on one of the boys' First grade teams.

Both the boys ended up being number 29! They are having so much fun playing. Colin absolutely loves it and will run and laugh and smile the whole time, regardless of what position he is playing or if he is winning or losing. Jack enjoys defense and taking big kicks up the field.

It's a whole new world now. School and sports with two little guys. It keeps us busy and we are just starting to get a rhythm now.

One thing I know for sure...

There are many soccer games in this little lady's horizon. Many a game...

Happy first week of fall!

Monday, September 22, 2014

Slipping away

As the first day of fall is coming to close and summer slowly slips away, let's just reminisce one more time about those warm, sunny days.

Quintessential summer. 

 Boys. Water.  Sun. Smiles

There is nothing better.

So long summer, you were good to us.

Welcome Fall.

We are happy you are here.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The Big ONE

At 6:17 pm, one year ago today, my daughter blazed her way into the world, barreling like a freight train. She had a head full of pitch black hair, squishy little cheeks that were primed for kissing, roly little thighs and deep, dark eyes. She was 100% different from her brothers, but oh, so beautiful.

They laid her on me and I laughed. I could not believe that in a little over 45 minutes, I was holding my baby. She was much bigger than I thought, so dark and beautiful and wonderfully, all mine. My first daughter.  My girl.

As time went on, her black hair faded to a beautiful chestnut brown and her dark eyes evolved into a sparkling hazel. She still has those amazing cheeks that get kissed often and her little thighs are now toddling around, still with wonderful little rolls.

She laughs now. Giggles at her Daddy's tickles, laughs at her brothers' antics and is pure heaven when she masters taking one foot in front of the other. She mimics her brothers, trying for a laugh and usually gets one.

She also loves, so much. Stuffed bunnies, brothers, Momma and Daddy, all are recipients of Macy hugs and kisses. Oscar the cat also gets much love, though he is not as grateful.
She will try to wrestle with her brothers and her Daddy, but must stop half way and give them all hugs.

Food is now her friend. Her very favorite friend. Macy laughs, dances and claps her hand when it is time to eat! You MUST share every piece of food with her. No morsel shall go unnoticed by her.
Though, she still will not eat baby cereal. Real people food will only do for her, none of that baby stuff.

Sass is also apart of this little package and she has no problem letting her opinions be known.

She looks just like her Daddy did as a baby, but her daddy claims she gets her opinions from her momma. Who knows? Either way, I like her sass. There is never a question of if she likes something or not.

It has been a wonderful, crazy, beautiful year with this little lady.

Messy and tough, yes. Sleep deprived, yes. Sleep may just be Macy's mortal enemy. She just doesn't like to sleep, especially at night. Please Lord, help her sleep at night!!

But through this blurry, dark circle inducing, sleep deprived year, we have experienced indescribable joy. Joy in this wonderful, perfect little life. Joy is bringing a daughter home, completing our little family in a way we did not know could happen.

 Joy in her little smiles, laughs, tantrums and snuggles. So much love, so much joy.

We are so thankful to be her parents and that she got to be in our family.

I look forward to seeing her grown and learn, discover and change.

But for right now, I am happy just to hold my one year old baby, amazed at how the time has flown by.

Happy Birthday, my Macy Elizabeth.

You are so loved.