Monday, November 30, 2009

MBA widow

I am an MBA widow this week. Ryan is finishing his MBA and will have his last final due at midnight this Sunday. That means that my hubs will work 10 hour days, come home and eat and than leave for the library till midnight. Every. Single. Night.

Which leaves the little man and I to fend for ourselves for the week.

I am BEYOND excited for Ryan to finish school. He has been going at it for 2 1/2 years straight, no summers off. I can't really remember what our life was like before school. What did we do? I have no idea. The only break Ryan has had has been during vacations. So real life has not given us many breaks from school.

But he is done. Sunday.

I really am SO proud of him. He works 60+ hours a week at a high intensity job, he is a wonderful husband and an amazing father. He is diligent in his studies and will graduate cum laude. He was invited to speak in Peru along side his professors. He was the stand out student for his professors. He is also one of the youngest students in the Global Leadership and Entrepreneurship school. ( His master's is in Business Administration in the GLE school) He is only 25 years old. I am so proud of him.

And SO excited to get my hubby back!!!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

We are so thankful for all the blessings that God has bestowed upon our little family. We are thankful for our family and friends, both near and far. We have been so blessed and pray that you will be blessed this coming year and the years to come.
Happy Thanksgiving!
The Fedells

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Counting down...

till Ryan comes home from Peru. I can't wait! Jack and I have been going at it alone for the last 5 days, and we are more than ready to him back home.

I tried to fill our days with activities and friends while Ryan was gone. Jack stayed busy with lots of play dates and mom stayed busy at night with lots of movies.

We spent our Saturday with my childhood best friend. It is such a blessing to have her within an hour's drive. Who would have guessed that two home schooled girls who used to dream of their first kiss, first boyfriend and being married by 18 ( come on, we were kids. That sounded so old to us) would be 17 hours away from our home, yet an hour from each other. We both are married to wonderful men and we both have kids. Faith has 2 beautiful boys, 5 and 3 and the new little lady Lily who is almost 5 months old. Jack fills in that missing 1 1/2 year gap of ages. At dinner, Reuben, the five year old, asked Jack if they could be friends, because he really wanted to be friends with Jack. Jack very seriously answered "Yes". Faith and I were so touched. Our little boys would be friends, how we were friends.

While Jack and I hung out with friends, Ryan has been impacted by the people of Peru. He has met former presidents, spoke at prestigious universities, met with wealthy business men and the chambers of commerce. He saw the richest part of Lima. He also spoke at one of the poor universities, next to the countless shanty towns where the poor come to the city to make a living and end up in a shanty, even more poor. He saw both worlds of Peru and was greatly impacted by both. I am so excited to hear all that stories of what happened. Ryan feels like God strategically placed him there for the week and I am excited to see what doors will open.

While I do most of the cooking and the cleaning, Ryan has things that he does that I had to cover. They are all things that I have done, or used to do, but in the rhythm of life, Ryan has picked them up. Like, feed the cat. I forgot. Oscar let me know, but I don't know how long he was without food. He was probably out of food for like 3 minutes, cause he is needy like that, but still. Oops. I had to clean the litter box. I had to take the trash out. I had to pay some bills. I had to take out the diaper pail. I had to change every.single.diaper. I gave all the baths. Jack was none to please with me during bath time. Ryan gives the baths. He always has. It was one thing that he could always do, especially when I nursed, so I did all the feedings for a long time. Apparently, there is an order to bath time. I messed that order up. Jack was not happy with me. He looked at my like, "Lady. This is not how we do it. We say bye-bye to the toys first. Duh. Don't you know anything?" I guess I don;t.

So, the world will be back in order tomorrow. We will all be complete, back together again.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I did it...

I joined Weight Watchers. I have some friends who swear by it and love it. I have been unsuccessful at losing weight on my own. I am tired of looking the same way I did 6 months post pardum. So, I did it. I joined. I figured I would give this thing a shot.

Weight Watchers is basically based off of a points system. Every food has some point value and you need to eat a certain amount per day, with an extra 35 for whatever you want for the full week. I like that is does not cut out any food, you just have to decide if you are willing to use that much of your points for it. So, how well you do is completely up to you.

So far, I like it. I have read millions of times over that you should write down everything that you eat. Well, WW forces me to. I figure out what the points are and go from there. I was surprised at how much I snacked with out realizing it. Now that I watch everything that goes into my mouth, it forces me to think about it, instead of just eating out of habit. I have been hungry off and on, but that is more of me needing to figure out how many points to use than anything. I have not felt deprived at all. I have had Thai food and other sweets, but just smaller portions and fewer calories.

I joined last Monday, so I am 8 days into this new little "lifestyle" thing.

My friends swear that is works. One of my good friends, who just had her second baby, is doing it right along with me. She has been on it before and lost over 60lbs and kept it off till babies decided to come! She told me it works...

and in a week I lost 4.4lbs!

That is more than I lost in a whole month!

Remember this trip? Well, that swimsuit may not be my worst enemy just yet. We may even be on friendlier terms.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

The long and short of it...

Hair. That is the questions. To cut or not to cut. I have an appointment with the super talented Ms. Noelle on the 6th and I am in a quandary. To cut or not to cut.

Right now I have long hair. It is about the bra line with layers. When I decide to actually do it, I like it. I wanted the long, wavy supermodel hair. When freshly cut, I can do it, especially if I take the time to blow it out with a round brush. The reality? I wear it pulled back in a low bun 80% of the time.

If I were to cut it, I think I would want a brushing my shoulder length, with a slight angle. I could still pull it back. ( a must, especially with a 16 month old) I have had my hair short in the past and liked it. The last time it was cut short, I was not such a big fan, but that was more because of the actual cut. That Noelle can work miracles, so I am not too worried on that one.

So, what should it be? Long, layered waves with lots of functionality, or a short chic shoulder bob, something fresh and new....

I can't decide.

Help me decide.

Vote in the poll to the right.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Oh. My. Maxx.

Sometimes you go shopping and you find nothing. Sometimes you go shopping and you want everything. Sometimes you go shopping and find amazing deals meant just for you. Or sometimes you can be heading to a T.J Maxx for a return and come away with the greatest deals of your entire life. ever.

That is what happened to me on Saturday. The T.J. Maxx/HomeGoods by the oceanfront is one of the best Maxxs around, they have a HUGE home selection and a large designer section. The prices in their designer selection are still around $100, but the labels are to die for. Prada, Chloe, Valentino, Rock and Republic, ect... Fun to look at, but still pricey. So, i headed down to the clearance area in the regular section to browse.

Dear lord. I found some hidden jems. Designer jems. For 95% off. I walked away with a Vera Wang shirt for $10, an Alice + Olivia shirt for $10, BCBG MaxAzaria tunic dress for $7 and a funky sequin picoli cocktail dress for $20. I died of pure happiness. I loved every single piece and not only till i tried it on did i realize it was designer. I died.

This has never happened before. I never thought i would own Vera. I pretty much never want to shop again because how can you beat that? Well, i am sure i will shop again sometime....

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Moon over... Newaygo?

November 3rd brought election day and allowed us the freedom to decide who are leaders will be.

I am proud to be a Virginian, who elected Bob McDonnell for governor.

But farther north, there was another election that peaked my interest. My father-in-law was running for Mayor of Newaygo, MI. Newaygo is a small little town that is tucked in the woods and sits along the Muskegon river in Western Michigan. It is a beautiful little picturesque town. My husband was raised in the this town and everyone knows everyone.

Most of those "everyone" voted. They voted for Ed. He won with a resounding 65% of the vote and one of the highest turn outs! Congrats, Mr. Mayor!

They were having their celebration party at the local coffee shop, which had shut down early. Low and behold, some one was not happy that Ed was the mayor. Not happy at all.

So what is the logical thing to do to show your displeasure? Why moon your opponent of course!

Wait. WHAT?! Do you mean like naked butt pressed upon the glass door moon? Yep. I mean a full naked butt mooning. Really?! Really? Really.

Way to keep it classy Newaygo. Way to keep it classy.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Get out the door...

and VOTE!
Jack suited up and headed out the door, ready to exercise his right to vote.
He cast his ballot for
Bob McDonnell for VA Governor
Ed Fedell for Newaygo, MI Mayor

Monday, November 2, 2009

Free Shipping!

It is November and that means Christmas shopping has just started to pop into people's minds!

Everyone loves a discount...

SO, here are FREE SHIPPING codes! I stumbled upon these little secrets and had to share, but you better act fast! They are only for today! So get shopping!

This pretty little bracelet is on sale from JCrew for $19.99. It would make a wonderful Christmas present, don't you think? Get it with FREE SHIPPING by using the code LOVEJCREW at the checkout. Hurry on this one, the special ends Nov 2. That is today!

I think I will pick up this little jacket from It will be perfect for holiday get togethers, or just for plain fun.

Free shipping code to is F21FRIENDS.

Hurry up, this one expires on Nov 3rd!

Not a fan of JCrew or Forever21? Want something that a teenage boy would like...or anyone for that matter? is having FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $14.95 till Nov 3rd. They have tons of great posters and lots more. I am getting a great world map for my office at work.
So happy FREE SHIPPING shopping!