Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I did it...

I joined Weight Watchers. I have some friends who swear by it and love it. I have been unsuccessful at losing weight on my own. I am tired of looking the same way I did 6 months post pardum. So, I did it. I joined. I figured I would give this thing a shot.

Weight Watchers is basically based off of a points system. Every food has some point value and you need to eat a certain amount per day, with an extra 35 for whatever you want for the full week. I like that is does not cut out any food, you just have to decide if you are willing to use that much of your points for it. So, how well you do is completely up to you.

So far, I like it. I have read millions of times over that you should write down everything that you eat. Well, WW forces me to. I figure out what the points are and go from there. I was surprised at how much I snacked with out realizing it. Now that I watch everything that goes into my mouth, it forces me to think about it, instead of just eating out of habit. I have been hungry off and on, but that is more of me needing to figure out how many points to use than anything. I have not felt deprived at all. I have had Thai food and other sweets, but just smaller portions and fewer calories.

I joined last Monday, so I am 8 days into this new little "lifestyle" thing.

My friends swear that is works. One of my good friends, who just had her second baby, is doing it right along with me. She has been on it before and lost over 60lbs and kept it off till babies decided to come! She told me it works...

and in a week I lost 4.4lbs!

That is more than I lost in a whole month!

Remember this trip? Well, that swimsuit may not be my worst enemy just yet. We may even be on friendlier terms.


Andrea said...

Yeah! Congrats! Excited for your journey, my Pastor was on WW and he lost 60 pounds and swears by it!

I want to be you. said...
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