Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Moon over... Newaygo?

November 3rd brought election day and allowed us the freedom to decide who are leaders will be.

I am proud to be a Virginian, who elected Bob McDonnell for governor.

But farther north, there was another election that peaked my interest. My father-in-law was running for Mayor of Newaygo, MI. Newaygo is a small little town that is tucked in the woods and sits along the Muskegon river in Western Michigan. It is a beautiful little picturesque town. My husband was raised in the this town and everyone knows everyone.

Most of those "everyone" voted. They voted for Ed. He won with a resounding 65% of the vote and one of the highest turn outs! Congrats, Mr. Mayor!

They were having their celebration party at the local coffee shop, which had shut down early. Low and behold, some one was not happy that Ed was the mayor. Not happy at all.

So what is the logical thing to do to show your displeasure? Why moon your opponent of course!

Wait. WHAT?! Do you mean like naked butt pressed upon the glass door moon? Yep. I mean a full naked butt mooning. Really?! Really? Really.

Way to keep it classy Newaygo. Way to keep it classy.

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Kurt said...

Nawaygo is classy like that. Kind of upscale compared to Grant where they would probably...