Thursday, May 28, 2009

Traveling...with Baby

I love to travel. Short road trips, long international trips, flying, driving, I like them all. I have been blessed to have done a lot of traveling in my life. I have driven across the United States in a minivan full of camping equipment with my family as a child. I have flown to 3 different continents as an adult. For the last 9 years, i have lived 10 to 16 hours away from home, so travel is a very active part of my life and even my job.

Than i had baby.

Since having Jack i have flown with him 4 times and will add one more flight onto his record before he turns 1 in July. I have flown with the baby with Ryan, with a co-worker and all alone. Going through airport security? Easy, just don't stand behind me. I have to unload and disassemble everything. Doable, just time consuming. Annoyed with families getting to load onto the plane first? Let them. It will stop you from being hit with the diaper bag, purse, blanket and baby feet while trying to squeeze back to a seat. The greatest advice for baby air travel? New toys and cheerios.

We took Jack on his first car road trip. We drove 8 hours up to New York to stay with our good friends who live in Brooklyn. I had never done a car ride with Jack that was that long. He is almost 11 months old. He wants to move AT ALL TIMES. So, the car seat is not really a friend of his these days. It went...well.

When you travel by yourself, or with other adults, you stop when you need gas, food or a bathroom. When you travel with baby, you stop when you can't handle the screaming fit any longer and it is time to get out and let that baby move. So, Jack did a few laps at a Wal-greens some where in Delaware, as well as a Panera and a few gas stations. Driving during baby's nap and night time sleep? Priceless.

I would say that i am pretty flexible mom, and i have a pretty flexible baby. He travels well, especially for his age and he loves people and new places. I try to plan ahead and that keeps the ball rolling....but sometimes, i forget.

I forgot that i did not pack a clean onesie in Jack's diaper bag. Since starting solids, we have not had a blow-out, hence we have not changed his clothes from that. We were on our way home and Jack was screaming to get out, Ryan's was starving and we needed to stop asap. The only place we saw for miles was a McDonald's. Not a big fan, but i can adapt, so we stopped and ate.

After eating i went to change Jack. He was suspiciously wet when i picked him up. I went to the bathroom to change him. Poop. Everywhere. Pulling the shorts off caused it to get into his shoes, causing it to get all over him. Perfect. His clothes were ruined and i had nothing. Wonderful.

Being the classy mom that i am, i changed him, rolled up the spoiled clothing in his changing pad and walked out...with my baby in just his diaper and not a strip of clothing on. Real classy.

While traveling has changed for me, i am still so thankful that i get to move around the country and experience new things. Even if those new things means carrying a naked baby out of a McDonald's for all the world to see.

Jack was pumped to be sans clothes. Mom was not.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Viva la Vida!

We went and saw the Coldplay Viva la Vida concert at the Virgina Beach Ampitheater last night. We had seen Coldplay in Minneapolis for the x&y tour and LOVED it. If you ever have the chance to see Coldplay live, do it. They are amazing and they put on an amazing show. I am not a huge fan of the ampitheater. The audio gets muffled outside and the lights are not as clear, since it can't be as dark. Beyond all that, Coldplay still managed to put on a specatatular show!

Here are a few pictures from the show.

I love Chris Martin

I also loved their sweet globes

I love Mr. Martin on the piano the most!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Week O' Fun

I have a pretty great week coming up. I don't even mind that it is Monday, cause i am looking forward to everything in this week!

I have to go to the Chiro 3 times this week, BUT they are also doing some muscle work, which means... 3 1-hour long massages for me! I am not complaining!

On Wednesday i have a much needed and long over due date with my Hubby. This will be no ordinary date. It will be a killer, highly anticipated date. We have tickets, great tickets, to see my favorite band. That is right, we are going to see COLDPLAY!!! We saw them when they were at the Target Center for the X and Y tour and they were beyond amazing and incredible. I can't wait!

Work this week will also be fun. I am editing my brother-in-law's My World testimony that we shot in March. Our editor had some trips and a family emergency that pushed it back till the end of May, but now we should finish it by the end of the week. I like this part of my job. All the hard stuff is finished and i have someone else to do the fancy schmancy editing while i sit there and tell them what works and looks best. So, if i have to work, at least it is fun stuff!

On Friday we are packing up the car and heading to New York City! One of my good friends moved to Brooklyn, so we are going to visit them and check out the sites of the city. I love New York and i miss my friend. I really can't wait to go.

See, good week. Most weeks do not fall like this... so i am going to take it and enjoy it!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


This Sunday we dedicated Jack to the Lord. It was beautiful. We did not have any family in town, so our home group helped us dedicate our son to the Lord and came up on stage with us. At New Life, our church, they introduce the baby and than have the father say a prayer of blessing over the baby. After that, we the parents are charged. Our promise, " Parents, before the Lord and these witnesses, do you commit to today to raise your child in the Christian father? Do you promise to pray for your children, provide for their physical and spiritual needs, and raise them in the dear and admonition of the Lord?"

We do.

Than our church was charged. " New Life Providence Church, do you as a church family, support these parents in the dedication of their children to God, and do you commit to help them as needed?"

They did.

We were so blessed to have our home group and church behind us as we endeavour to raise Jack in godly loving home.

Here is Ryan's prayer over Jack.

Father, we are standing here today thanking you and rejoicing in the life of our son Jack David. We know that you have created him with a great purpose in your kingdom. Lord, we commit to raise Jack to know you and to live according to your word. Help us to always lead him in the truth and faith, Lord, we ask that you would give him strength in his mind, body and spirit that he would be whole and complete. We ask that you give him wisdom and favor in all that he does.We pray that his faith will be strong and that his heart will be soft, full of love and full of grace. May his life be marked by the power of the Holy Spirit. Teach him Lord to lvoe you and to love people. Thank you for this amazing young man you have given us. In Christ's name we pray AMEN"

Monday, May 4, 2009


Baby boy turned 10 months old today! I am still amazed at how fast the time has flown by! It seems not that long ago that he was just a little guy, not yet rolling, crawling or cruising. Now i can barely keep him still to eat, let alone change his clothes. He is one active little man. Since he figured out how to pull himself up in his crib, he has been on the go, pulling himself up on anything and everything. He cruises around the furniture with ease and has no fear, diving at whatever he thinks he can reach. I suspect that he will be walking before he turns 1.

He is so funny these days. He likes to carry things around in his mouth, like his soft balls, empty water bottles, or anything that he can get a good grip on. He thinks he is hilarious. Why use your hands when you can use your mouth?

He also LOVES to clap. If he is happy, he claps. Try to get him to wave hello or good-bye, he claps. When he likes his food, clap. When he wakes up from his nap, clap. When he is finished nursing, he pulls off and claps for me. A cute girl talks to him in a store, clap. Pretty much anything that he likes, he claps for. No waving bye-bye for him, he only claps. That is his thing.

Life is never a dull moment with Jack. Never. Below is a picture of him getting into his books (and mine)...i have no idea how he got stuck, how he got his arm out and how he did it all in less than a few minutes.

Happy tenth month of life my little man! I am excited to see you grow and learn and discover the world around you!