Thursday, October 23, 2008


This past Saturday i turned 27 years old. I spent the day with my hubby and baby shopping in Williamsburg. They have a great outlet mall and a new addition with really good "regular" stores. It was a beautiful crisp fall day and we bundled up the baby and did some damage. I was not thinking about how old 27 sounded or how close it is to 30... i didn't think about how i am 2 1/2 years older than my husband or how fast another year went by. I was happy to be shopping, outside and with my cute little family and i had a huge wonderful chocolate cake for me at home.

However... as we were walking we saw an old beater car that had Seniors 09! written in red all over the back windshield. 09? Man, high school kids seem to look younger and younger. I was reminiscing about the days of senior year when my hubby decided to figure out just how young these senior kids were. When i was a senior in high school, they were in 3rd grade. That is right, THIRD GRADE! For the love. I feel old. Little baby third graders? It can not be THAT long ago since i was a senior. I felt so old. I kept walking past the enblazen senior car, pushing my stroller and was thankful for the chocolate cake that was waiting for me at home.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Two Years!

Today is my two year anniversary. It will be a low key day, since Ryan has class tonight. Ryan took me out to lunch today, so that was nice. We are planning on going out on a date Friday BY OURSELVES. That will be the first time we have been out alone, not with other people and not with Jack since we had the baby. I am looking forward to that.
In two years a lot has changed. We had just moved to VA two years ago and both were getting settled in our new jobs. Since our wedding Ryan has been promoted to Sales, and risen from the bottom of the sales people in the VA area for Aerotek to the 5th highest sales commission in his area. He now is in charge of two recruiters and has the highest growth for his division in the office. Ryan also started his MBA program at Regent University and has 3 1/2 semesters under his belt with a A average. You wouldn't want my husband to be in your class for he is the guy that sets the curve at an A. He has started a mentoring-leadership program at Aerotek and will probably make a senior project out of it and present it before investors before the end of next year.
I was promoted twice, once to an Associate Producer 2 and than to a Producer. I spent 6 weeks in Nashville, TN last year producing shows and music segments for One Cubed. I interviewed over 30 different Christian music artists. I produced My World stories in Minneapolis, MN, Budapest, Hungary and Kiev, Ukraine last year.
We bought a condo July 07 and also got a crazy kitten that has turned into an even crazier cat.
The biggest change in our life was getting pregnant pretty much exactly one year ago and having our son, Jack David on July 4th.
We have had some major life changes in those two years, but wonderful two years those have been. I would not trade a single second of it!

Here we are, October 14th, 2006.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Lady Friends

Jack is a lucky man. He gets to spend his days surrounded by pretty ladies. Unfortunately for us, one of our pretty ladies and her pretty momma have moved to NYC and we are sad about that. We will just have to take some trips up north to visit our dear friends. What can i say? The ladies love him...

Monday, October 6, 2008

My Hubby

In almost a week, i will have been married 2 years. I was thinking back about those fall wedding planning days and how much life has changed since than. The one thing that has not changed is my love for my hubby. In fact, it just keeps growing and growing. I married a wonderful man. He is kind and caring. He would rather sit down and really get to know you, than just say "hi". He is an advocate of truth and God's word and he does not back down from it, even when that is not the popular thing to do. He is a wonderful provider for Jack and I and he works very very hard. He has a brilliant business mind and will someday change the world with it. He manages a very hectic work schedule, getting his MBA and having a new baby with a lot of grace and love. He is passionate about people and seeing them reach their fullest potential. He is really funny. He will say the most ridicules things and than immediately look to see my reaction. He is an amazing father. He is the best friend i have ever had. He is the spiritual head of the house and i greatly greatly respect that. He is passionate about his family, even through the most painful situations. He is athletic and keeps himself in great shape. He is disciplined. He is loving. He is my perfect match and i am so thankful that i get to be his wife. Life is truly and adventure and i would not want to experience it with anyone else. I thank the Lord for my godly, wonderful, amazing husband!