Tuesday, December 11, 2007

2 weeks till Christmas!

It is two weeks till Christmas and a week and two days till we fly home for the holidays! Time seems to fly by! It seems like it was just Thanksgiving!
Today we had our second OB appointment. We met the head doctor of the clinic, Dr. Valentine. He was really funny and really nice. We hopefully will not be seeing him at all during the labor though. He was very pleased with the progress of the pregnancy and said that i was very healthy and the baby was very healthy. I am ten weeks and 4 days today. He said that we would try to hear the heartbeat, but not to be worried or disappointed because the baby was still very little. He had Ryan hold the "wand" or whatever it is called and let him find the heartbeat. We were able to hear it right away! The Dr. was very surprised! He said that it was a very strong heartbeat and he wondered if i was actually farther along than i thought. It was so crazy to hear the little heartbeat. It was beating so fast! Ryan was pretty excited. I only wished that we could have heard it a bit longer! I am also very happy to hear that we are both super healthy!
I am going to try to finish up my Christmas shopping this week and try to get my house clean! It is a much bigger ordeal than it used to be. After working all day, the only thing i want to do when i get home is lay on the couch! Thus, my house and shopping has suffered!
I am so excited to head home and to enjoy Christmas with snow! It was 76 here yesterday. It seems odd to hear Christmas songs when you need to have your air on... I am ready for the snow and for the fun!