Sunday, June 29, 2008

And we wait,,,

So, nothing is happening. The only thing that is really changing is my pupps... it is getting dramatically worse and has spread to my arms, palms, feet and all over my legs. Awesome. SO, we are praying for this little boy to come soon so that his momma can not be covered in the worst rash/itch ever. My life now consists of taking oatmeal skin relief baths, showering with Grandpa's pine tar soap (which smells like musty campfire in a box) and putting on my steriod cream. I have a dr. appt tomorrow and i pray that can get something that helps me!

I have had light contractions on and off, but nothing that is sending me into a real labor. I am so ready for those real contractions though... anything to get this baby moving!

Here is a picture of my shin. Just thought you might want to see what this pupps stuff really looks like. It is pretty hot. This is a more concentrated area, like what is on my belly and thighs, but there are the little bumps covering my whole leg and feet that are not as visible. Also notice how awesomely swollen my feet are!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


pruritic urticarial papules and plaques of pregnancy (PUPPP). The most horrific, horrible rash you can ever experience. Apparently it happens for first time pregnancies, but only 1% of women will get it. I am that horribly unlucky 1%. The rash i had a few weeks ago is like a walk in the park compared to this thing. It has completely covered my lower belly,turning into a solid red rash with deep purple undertones. It has spread all the way down my lower back, butt, thighs, legs and even in between my toes. The toes part is the worst. If you scratch it, it itches more, becomes more painful and even starts to bleed. My midwife told me that she has never seen a case so bad. Perfect. I am taking a topical steroid and a baby-safe oral steroid to try to control this thing. The best option to get rid of it? Have this baby!!!!! Praise the Lord i don't have too much longer to go. I mean, i can have him at any time now. If i had a few weeks more to go, i would probably go completely insane. The medicine causes sleeplessness... so in the last two days i have slept a total of 9 hours. Not such a good thing when you are trying to rest up and get ready for labor. It hurts to have something touch the rash, so when i am home, i pretty much have my whole stomach and legs exposed. Poor Ryan. He has to watch my swollen, full term torpedo belly body that is now covered with a nasty fire red rash waddle around the house. I saw an add for a tv show called the baby swappers or something. It is about teenagers that want to have babies taking care of newborns and toddlers. The tag line is that is not reality t.v, it is birth control. I am telling you, all these people need to see is my red pregnant body that would be enough birth control for awhile!

My mom comes into town tomorrow, so i am praying this baby decided to come, oh say, tomorrow NIGHT! So, say a prayer that this rash from the devil goes away and that this wonderful baby decides to come SOON!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Torpedo Jack

That is what my good friend Jackie labeled him... Torpedo Jack. Why? Because my belly is huge and it sticks out like a torpedo. Ryan commented that i look like i am faking my pregnancy. It looks like i put a beach ball under my shirt and that is not really a baby. Baby Jack only wants to hang out in a tight ball at the very front of my belly. My midwife keeps commenting on how he loves the center of my stomach. The only problem now is that it is starting to really hurt. Ryan and i were going to bed a few nights ago and we saw his knee/heel/elbow. Whatever it was, it was small, pointy and it was pushing it's way around my belly. It looked (and felt) like it was going to push it's way out of my stomach at that very moment. It was one the of craziest things i have ever seen. Ryan keeps staring at my belly because he wants to see some sort of body part sticking out again.
We are a day shy of 2 weeks from our due date. I doubt i will make it that long. I have been having cramps/contractions for the past few days. i also lost a pound this week, instead of gaining weight and am starting to feel a bit sick. All of these are signs of pre-labor. My goal is to make it till at least next Friday. My mom is coming into town on Thursday and i want her to be there for the birth. I also want one last weekend with just my hubby. He was gone at a wedding last weekend and i miss him. I want to spend some alone time with him before our lives dramatically change. I also have lots of things that i need to get still and things to do. So, torpedo Jack better stay put for a week more.
It is crazy to think about our lives changing so much in such a short time now. We both are excited. The baby is in a posterior position right now, so we are hoping he turns around soon. No more lounging on the couch or propping myself up in bed with pillows. I need to be either be leaning forward, on my hands and knees or completely flat in hopes that he turns to face my back. So now we wait...

Friday, June 6, 2008

Oh Belly

I have had a great pregnancy. I have literally traveled all over the world while i was pregnant. I have not thrown up once. I have just started to swell, but it is an ungodly 90+ degrees here as well. Each time i go to the Dr. the baby has a super healthy heart rate. In fact, i have been called sturdy and healthy as a horse...BUT now i have a complaint.
My belly itches. A LOT!!! I mean, all the time. really badly. Keeps you up at night itchy. At first i thought that it was from the stretching. My belly looks like a beach ball and my baby likes to hang out right in front by my belly button, thus there is bruising around my belly button. I put lotion on it all the time, and it did not help. I put calamine lotion on it. Didn't work. Now, there is a lovely attractive rash. The doctor has looked at it and said that it was not PUPPP, but i am on benadryl and hydrocortizone. The problem? Doesn't work. I still itch like crazy. The only thing that helps is to expose my bruised, red rashed belly to air and place a cool wet washcloth on it. Cant exactly get away with that at work though...
So, with four weeks left to go... i itch. If anyone knows something that will help, it would be greatly appreciated.