Sunday, June 29, 2008

And we wait,,,

So, nothing is happening. The only thing that is really changing is my pupps... it is getting dramatically worse and has spread to my arms, palms, feet and all over my legs. Awesome. SO, we are praying for this little boy to come soon so that his momma can not be covered in the worst rash/itch ever. My life now consists of taking oatmeal skin relief baths, showering with Grandpa's pine tar soap (which smells like musty campfire in a box) and putting on my steriod cream. I have a dr. appt tomorrow and i pray that can get something that helps me!

I have had light contractions on and off, but nothing that is sending me into a real labor. I am so ready for those real contractions though... anything to get this baby moving!

Here is a picture of my shin. Just thought you might want to see what this pupps stuff really looks like. It is pretty hot. This is a more concentrated area, like what is on my belly and thighs, but there are the little bumps covering my whole leg and feet that are not as visible. Also notice how awesomely swollen my feet are!


Mrs. B. said...

Oh, you poor little thing! don't have much futher to go until the little guy makes his appearance and the PUPPS junk is gone. Although then you'll have a whole new problem to deal with. He'll be a lot cuter than the rash and swollen feet though. ;)
Praying for you!!! Good luck!

Crystal Leigh said...

I really hope baby Jack starts swimming down towards you know what so he can get outta there! I'm so sorry about your poopy rash. That's so not fun. Praying you can make it through. Can't wait to see what little Fedell looks like!

seanna.nicole said...

hey, i heard you had the baby! many, many congrats :)