Wednesday, July 28, 2010

We made it!

Meet Colin. My 7lb 12oz little man. He came into the world on Tuesday, July 27th at 2:46am. He is 20 3/4 inches long with super cute fuzzy little hair. We love him. We love his little face.

We made it through together. Mom and Baby suceeded with a VBAC with the help of a vacuum. More on the birth story later. Colin was only 20 mins old in the picture below. He faired well through the labor and we are happy he is healthy. More pictures and info to come. Now it is time to rest and cuddle baby.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A Day in July...

Mrs. B from Star-Crossed Blogger came up with the wonderful idea to document a day in your life via pictures. Her photos are always so great and she has the cutest kids ever. I decided it would be fun to join in. I am sure I will enjoying looking back on this post one day.

There are three types of days in my week. Office days, home days and weekends. Monday and Wednesday I spend the afternoon in the office at work and Jack goes to a sitter. Tuesday, Thursday and Friday I work from home all day and the weekends, of course, are wonderful and my Hubby is home. It just so happened that this day in July is a work day.

My day started around 7:40am. Correction, I waddled out of bed around 7:40am. Jack has gotten really bad about coming to our bed around 4am and sleeping with us. Usually, we both are too exhausted to move him. I can't move that well, so after Ryan gets up for work, Jack weasels his way against me and I can't move. Good thing he is super cute. SO, around 7am Jack starts to wake up next to me. We read some books and cuddled and I try to drag my belly out of bed.

8am is breakfast for Jack and I. I literally have eaten so many Cheerios this pregnancy that I should have bought stock. First trimester I was sick, so it was the only thing that I could stomach. Now, it is low in sugar so I can eat it...soo many Cheerios...

Jack loves cereal bars. Today, he got to eat a cereal bar for breakfast on the couch with me. Why? George.

Jack loves watching Curious George. He wakes up saying, " Mommy. Up. Couch. George. Mommy, watch George? George? Please. George?" Every morning.

So we watch some George and I work/web browse.

Than it is play time for Jack. He has to "work" for awhile. I work, he plays.

After getting caught up on work emails and the likes, I head to the kitchen to do the dishes.

After cleaning a bit, I get Jack dressed for the day. Today, he did not want to wear his shorts. He ran around his room, doing anything to not put shorts on. He dumped his blocks out and wanted to play "locks". Mom won. He put his shorts on, than we played blocks.

10am is cuddle time. Mandatory cuddle time. Sesame Street comes on and Jack asks me to cuddle with him while he watches it. I don't resist. Elmo joined us as well. Jack will stay there for a good 20 minutes, than get up and play for a bit till Elmo's World...than it is back to Mom and cuddle on the couch. I love 1oam cuddle time.

This day we had to leave by 11:15, which is an hour earlier than normal. We can not leave with out giving our cat, Oscar his treats. Jack calls him "Nani". I have no idea why, but he has been Nani to Jack for almost a year now.

The only time that Oscar let's Jack touch him is when he gets his treat. Jack will hug Oscar good bye and we are out the door.

After dropping Jack off at the sitter, I had a special sushi lunch date with my love. This baby is coming soon and we decided to do a little lunch date before work. I loved it. The sushi was good, the company was better. (Never fear, this is all cooked sushi for this momma)

I am in the office around 1pm and at my desk working. My imac is enormous and ridiculous. Don't get me wrong, I love it. I just wish it was not so huge. It overwhelms my desk. There was a huge water leak in my office a few weeks ago, so all pictures and decorations were taken down. So, it is ugly. And you only get pictures of the obscene imac.

I may or may not have booked tickets to go home to Michigan in September.

Little man is picked up around 5:45pm and we are on our way home. Snack cup and juice is a must for the 20 minute car ride home. You never know when traffic will hit and you never let a little boy get too hungry.

One boring package of chicken breast was turned into chicken taco salad for dinner.

After dinner, it is time to get Jack ready for bed. Ryan gets him ready, reads to him and puts him to bed 90% of the time. When he usually gets home around 6:30-7pm, Ryan wants to spend as much time with Jack as possible. 2 year old diapers are not fun. NOT fun.

Once pajamas are on, than it is time for some books. Jack's pillow, blanket and a few stuffed friends also had to accompany him. I like these guys. They are cute.

After the teeth are all brushed, it is time to bring half to his bedroom back to the actual room. First up, pillow.

Cute boy grabs all his other various friends and marches off to bed.

After boy is in bed, Ryan and I had a bit of ice cream. I found a wonderful sugar free ice cream that actually taste good. After working all day, I was ready for a little treat. A 39+ week belly is perfect for holding your ice cream bowl. I mean, why not? It is not going anywhere at the moment.

Swollen preggo feet sneaking in a cuddle while we eat our ice cream on the couch.

Decided that I should probably pack a hospital bag. Jack helped me make my list and added his own touch. Guess this means we are actually having another baby...soon.

Bedtime is later than wanted. Around 11pm. Lights go out...than my old familiar friend comes out of the nightstand. Tums. Ryan said that the sound of tums coming out of the bottle in the middle of the night is the sound of pregnancy to him. Fun. And... good night.

What do your days look like?

Friday, July 16, 2010


I am 38 weeks and 5 days pregnant. This torpedo belly is making a downward decent and I am ready to not be pregnant. I have been having cravings lately, both pregnant and post-pregnancy cravings. Some of these can be fulfilled instantly, some you just have to wait, and some are never going to happen.
My pregnancy cravings are obviously food related. No one craves wearing the same 4 maternity tanks tops for the last 3 weeks, or the heartburn or the aching hips. Nope. Food is the only thing worth craving in this state.
I have craved Taco Bell the whole pregnancy. I really like mexican food, but have been over Taco Bell since my freshman year midnight runs to the Quarry. It is just not good for you and I can make better things at home. This pregnancy does not seem to care or remember that. I do crave Taco Bell. While it can be fulfilled instantly, I restrain myself not too...for the most part.
I have been put on a low/non sugar diet since I failed one of my glucose tests. I do not have gestational diabetes, but my body is not processing sugar like it should. So, no fun things for me to eat. Not cool when you crave sweets, it is 100 degrees out for the last 3 weeks and you are beyond tired of water. I just want a frosty. Simple, cold, chocolaty frosty. While I won't get one before the baby is due, Ryan is on strict order to bring me one once I have this baby. So, this craving WILL be fulfilled...I just have to wait.

I love cupcakes. I love buttercream frosting. I can't have either right now. (Well, not more than once a week and a tiny portion) I REALLY want a Gigi's cupcake. These are no ordinary cupcakes. They are enormous and glorious. I can eat one on and off all day. It has taken me two days to eat their super rich Peanut Butter Cup cupcake. The one pictured below is the Lemon Dream. Yes, the frosting is that high. Yes, it is magnificent. No, I will not get to eat one. Why? They only serve Gigi's in Nashville, TN. I have no plans to go to Nashville, and all my Nashville friends have moved back to VA. It is a sad thing. This craving will not be fulfilled. It is just not going to happen. (Substitute cupcakes will be acceptable, though)

I really miss non- tent clothing. I miss my old clothes. I miss shopping for new clothes. Since I have not been to a mall in forever and waddling along looking at clothes that would fit 1/4 of your stomach is not so fun... I have been web browsing more and more. I am really craving to get out of these blasted maternity clothes. CRAVING it. So here are some of my recent post-pregnancy cravings.
Dear meeting place tank. I love you. I found you when I first got pregnant. I stalked you. I sold some of my clothes/shoes at a yard sale/craigslist and had a few extra dollars to spend. Anthropologie is offering free shipping till Labor Day. You went on sale. I bought you and you are sitting pretty in your box, waiting for me to not look like a watermelon. This craving will be fulfilled post-baby. I can't wait.

Since clothes, for the most part, are slightly depressing for me, I have found myself looking at shoes and bags more and more. I saw these little lovely yellow shoes and keep looking at them. I really like yellow, but I can't wear it, especially up near my face. It turns my olive skin tone green. Not cute. But this yellow, this is more mustard and they are as far away from my face as possible. They would go with a lot. They shall be stalked. Anthropologie likes to taunt me with great items that are way out of my price range. But, still I look and stalk, and some times I conquer. This craving will just have to wait it out and see...

Usually I am not a huge Coach fan. I mean, I am not a huge Coach logo handbag fan. Their non logo leather bags are wonderful. And I usually don't ever want to spend more than, oh, $2o on my bags. I have done well with that and never really thought much more about it. I saw this bag on this blog and loved it. I loved the soft pink of it, the shape of it and how versatile it was. I craved a new bag that did not have a place for diaper wipes or a changing pad. I wanted a "big girl" handbag, not a throw-over-my-shoulder purse or diaper bag. Sadly, this will never happen. First of all, it is over $500 and Hubs would never let that happen (nor could I). Secondly, it was limited edition and is sold out. But, how fun would it be to get this satchel, or to live Emily's life for a day or so. I mean, I would settle for just her hair at this point. So, fun to look at and think about craving...but not in this reality.

cupcakes and cashmere for Coach

And just a few more Anthropologie stalking items...

Just for the fun of it...

from-the-pole jacket

anticipation heels

If I lived in Europe where they pay people to have babies, I could much easily afford this stuff... just a thought...

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


One thing that we know for sure about this baby boy is that he has lots of hair! It may be blond, red or even newborn black, but he for sure has a lot of hair.

He is also FOR SURE a boy. 100%. He showed us. Twice.

I had an ultrasound at my 38 wk OB appointment to try to determine the size of this little man. I am getting really close ( 1 1/2 weeks from due date!) and we are still working on just how we will have this guy. ( VBAC vs C-section)

He is head down (good!) in an anterior position (really good!) so we could not see his face. He moved the WHOLE ultrasound. It was really rather uncomfortable for me. Being on my back with a large squirming baby was not so fun. He is definitely a mover and a shaker.

At this point the ultrasound estimated that he is 7lbs 11 oz already. They are guessing he will be a good 8 1/2 pounder. Now, this could be off by a bit, so he could be up to 9lbs or still in the 7+range. But they are thinking right around the same size of Jack. He was 8lbs 4 oz. So, another big boy for me. I am not surprised at all. Anyone who has looked at my torpedo belly is not surprised.

So, while we do not know what will happen for the birth, what he will look like or how he will act, we do know two things. He is all boy and he has lots of hair.

And know we wait....

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Strangers say a lot of things to pregnant ladies. They say things they would probably not say to anyone else. I have had some strange, rude, funny and sweet comments about this pregnancy.

Here are some of the classics.

Male stranger yelling at me while crossing the street, coming towards me: " WHOA! Look at that belly!! Are you having a boy?" Me: " Yes." Stranger: " Yeah a boy AND a girl! Hahahaha". I didn't think it was that funny. I also didn't really appreciate him yelling it to me while walking across a street.

Male Stranger: " Whoa. You must be having twins." Me: "Nope, just one." Stranger: " Yeah right!" Stranger looked like HE was pregnant with twins. Nice.

Male Stranger at grocery store: "I have never seen a belly like that in person. It looks like the movies. Just this little ball up front and that is all. My wife carried everywhere. You must have exercised and ate right, huh? I just have never seen that in real life." Slightly sweet, mostly creepy.

Female Stranger in elevator: " Well look at that cute little belly. I just want to stare at it and see if I can see that baby move. It looks like all baby. I bet he will move if I watch your belly long enough." Yes, if you watch my belly long enough, the baby will move, but I am not going stand in the elevator that long.

Female Cashier Stranger: " Oh, are you having a boy or a girl?" Me: " We are having a boy." Cashier leans over to look at the stroller and sees that Jack is a boy. FCS: " Ohhh... you must be SO disappointed that you are not having a girl." Me: " No, we are happy with a boy. They will be close in age and we are excited to have brothers." FSC: " I guess I never thought of it that way." I pity people that pity me for not having the cookie cutter boy and girl only. We are thrilled with our second little boy.

Male Stranger at McDonalds: "Are you having a boy?" Me: " Yep." Stranger: " I thought so. I can tell cause of the way you are carrying. Good. We need more boys in the world. Good for you."

Female Stranger at yard sale: " Wow, when are you due?" Me: " Oh not for awhile still. I have at least 10 weeks." Stranger: " Oh no. You will never ever last that long. You have already dropped. You are going to have that baby soon." Second random female stranger interrupts conversation to agree with first stranger. " Oh yes, you most certainly have already dropped. I bet you have that baby in a few weeks." I am holding onto Jack, who is playing shy and just wanting to buy the outdoor chair cushions from the first lady. Jack won't let me put him down to get my wallet out. First Stranger: " See. He is clingy. He knows that the time is near and that you are having that baby soon. That is another sign." Well, thank you for your great knowledge of my son and my pregnancy. I am sure that I dropped in the 2 minutes that you have ever seen me in your life. At least I got a steal for those cushions...

Female Stranger in elevator: " Your face doesn't look pregnant."

and the list could go on and on and on...

but those are some of the more interesting comments I have received.

Only 2 1/2 more weeks left. I am sure I will get a few more fun comments before the baby comes. One can only hope, right?

Sunday, July 4, 2010


Two years ago today my little Jack made his debut into the world. He kept us up all night, but finally came into this world at 12:29pm on July 4, 2008. We thought he was going to be a July 3rd baby, but he decided to be patriot and kept me working till the 4th.

He grew handsome and tall in the first year, taking wobbly steps and bringing a smile to everyone that met him. His funny little faces and smiles helped brighten a sad time in our family when we celebrated my little Jack turning one as we also said good bye to his great grandfather, Jack's namesake. While we miss Grandpa Jack, we will always remember his smiles and mischief, a trait the he surely passed down to my little man.

Turning two was happy event for Jack this year. He was surrounded by all his little friends. He glowed when we sang 'Happy Birthday' to him, giggling with delight. He was able to splash and play in the pools, swing and slide on the playset and eat cupcakes. He was a very happy boy.

With only a couple weeks till Jack turns into a big brother, our little man is growing so big. He is funny and witty, telling us jokes and imitating people. He is loving and cuddly and needs his "cuddle mommy" time. He is so smart. He loves the alphabet and will point out and say the letters on any sign that he sees. We must sing the "ABC's" song to him at least twice before he goes to sleep. He is knows 85% of his letters and can count to 20, give or take a few numbers here or there.
We love him more every single day and can not wait to experience another wonderful year of change and growth with him. He has changed our world and continues to amaze us every single day.
Happy Birthday my little man. The Lord has great things in store for you!
We love you!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Party Time!

We celebrated Jack's 2nd birthday today with a little Sesame Street party with friends.

Grilled hot dogs, hamburgers with all the usual fixings.

Kiddie pools filled with grass.

Sprinklers used to wet down slides.

Cute little boys who loved being sung too.

Sugar comas setting in.

Not-so- little babies on the swings.

It was a good day.