Sunday, July 4, 2010


Two years ago today my little Jack made his debut into the world. He kept us up all night, but finally came into this world at 12:29pm on July 4, 2008. We thought he was going to be a July 3rd baby, but he decided to be patriot and kept me working till the 4th.

He grew handsome and tall in the first year, taking wobbly steps and bringing a smile to everyone that met him. His funny little faces and smiles helped brighten a sad time in our family when we celebrated my little Jack turning one as we also said good bye to his great grandfather, Jack's namesake. While we miss Grandpa Jack, we will always remember his smiles and mischief, a trait the he surely passed down to my little man.

Turning two was happy event for Jack this year. He was surrounded by all his little friends. He glowed when we sang 'Happy Birthday' to him, giggling with delight. He was able to splash and play in the pools, swing and slide on the playset and eat cupcakes. He was a very happy boy.

With only a couple weeks till Jack turns into a big brother, our little man is growing so big. He is funny and witty, telling us jokes and imitating people. He is loving and cuddly and needs his "cuddle mommy" time. He is so smart. He loves the alphabet and will point out and say the letters on any sign that he sees. We must sing the "ABC's" song to him at least twice before he goes to sleep. He is knows 85% of his letters and can count to 20, give or take a few numbers here or there.
We love him more every single day and can not wait to experience another wonderful year of change and growth with him. He has changed our world and continues to amaze us every single day.
Happy Birthday my little man. The Lord has great things in store for you!
We love you!

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Crystal Leigh said...

wow! i wish I could've been at the bday party of Mr. Jack. he's a cutie that's for sure. I want to cuddle with him but for now Mr. Piper will do!