Friday, July 16, 2010


I am 38 weeks and 5 days pregnant. This torpedo belly is making a downward decent and I am ready to not be pregnant. I have been having cravings lately, both pregnant and post-pregnancy cravings. Some of these can be fulfilled instantly, some you just have to wait, and some are never going to happen.
My pregnancy cravings are obviously food related. No one craves wearing the same 4 maternity tanks tops for the last 3 weeks, or the heartburn or the aching hips. Nope. Food is the only thing worth craving in this state.
I have craved Taco Bell the whole pregnancy. I really like mexican food, but have been over Taco Bell since my freshman year midnight runs to the Quarry. It is just not good for you and I can make better things at home. This pregnancy does not seem to care or remember that. I do crave Taco Bell. While it can be fulfilled instantly, I restrain myself not too...for the most part.
I have been put on a low/non sugar diet since I failed one of my glucose tests. I do not have gestational diabetes, but my body is not processing sugar like it should. So, no fun things for me to eat. Not cool when you crave sweets, it is 100 degrees out for the last 3 weeks and you are beyond tired of water. I just want a frosty. Simple, cold, chocolaty frosty. While I won't get one before the baby is due, Ryan is on strict order to bring me one once I have this baby. So, this craving WILL be fulfilled...I just have to wait.

I love cupcakes. I love buttercream frosting. I can't have either right now. (Well, not more than once a week and a tiny portion) I REALLY want a Gigi's cupcake. These are no ordinary cupcakes. They are enormous and glorious. I can eat one on and off all day. It has taken me two days to eat their super rich Peanut Butter Cup cupcake. The one pictured below is the Lemon Dream. Yes, the frosting is that high. Yes, it is magnificent. No, I will not get to eat one. Why? They only serve Gigi's in Nashville, TN. I have no plans to go to Nashville, and all my Nashville friends have moved back to VA. It is a sad thing. This craving will not be fulfilled. It is just not going to happen. (Substitute cupcakes will be acceptable, though)

I really miss non- tent clothing. I miss my old clothes. I miss shopping for new clothes. Since I have not been to a mall in forever and waddling along looking at clothes that would fit 1/4 of your stomach is not so fun... I have been web browsing more and more. I am really craving to get out of these blasted maternity clothes. CRAVING it. So here are some of my recent post-pregnancy cravings.
Dear meeting place tank. I love you. I found you when I first got pregnant. I stalked you. I sold some of my clothes/shoes at a yard sale/craigslist and had a few extra dollars to spend. Anthropologie is offering free shipping till Labor Day. You went on sale. I bought you and you are sitting pretty in your box, waiting for me to not look like a watermelon. This craving will be fulfilled post-baby. I can't wait.

Since clothes, for the most part, are slightly depressing for me, I have found myself looking at shoes and bags more and more. I saw these little lovely yellow shoes and keep looking at them. I really like yellow, but I can't wear it, especially up near my face. It turns my olive skin tone green. Not cute. But this yellow, this is more mustard and they are as far away from my face as possible. They would go with a lot. They shall be stalked. Anthropologie likes to taunt me with great items that are way out of my price range. But, still I look and stalk, and some times I conquer. This craving will just have to wait it out and see...

Usually I am not a huge Coach fan. I mean, I am not a huge Coach logo handbag fan. Their non logo leather bags are wonderful. And I usually don't ever want to spend more than, oh, $2o on my bags. I have done well with that and never really thought much more about it. I saw this bag on this blog and loved it. I loved the soft pink of it, the shape of it and how versatile it was. I craved a new bag that did not have a place for diaper wipes or a changing pad. I wanted a "big girl" handbag, not a throw-over-my-shoulder purse or diaper bag. Sadly, this will never happen. First of all, it is over $500 and Hubs would never let that happen (nor could I). Secondly, it was limited edition and is sold out. But, how fun would it be to get this satchel, or to live Emily's life for a day or so. I mean, I would settle for just her hair at this point. So, fun to look at and think about craving...but not in this reality.

cupcakes and cashmere for Coach

And just a few more Anthropologie stalking items...

Just for the fun of it...

from-the-pole jacket

anticipation heels

If I lived in Europe where they pay people to have babies, I could much easily afford this stuff... just a thought...


Crystal Leigh said...

You are right, Spain pays it's Spaniards to have babies because the death to birth rate is messed up. At this rate, the culture of Spain will be going all the way down in no time, and the Muslims living here and Romanians will take over the country heritage. Are you saying I should stay here and have my babies with Marin? THey don't pay that me. I think it's much better I have babies in the homeland!

Mrs. B. said...

Love this post. Love love love.
That tank is adorable. You'll be wearing it in no time.
And Gigi's, my heavens. We get them every time I'm in N-ville to visit my SIL. Sooooooo yummy.
Bye bye, torpedo belly!

John and Sarah Clore said...

Gigi's isn't just in Nashville anymore! You should keep an eye on this list. You just never know where they'll be next.