Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A Day in July...

Mrs. B from Star-Crossed Blogger came up with the wonderful idea to document a day in your life via pictures. Her photos are always so great and she has the cutest kids ever. I decided it would be fun to join in. I am sure I will enjoying looking back on this post one day.

There are three types of days in my week. Office days, home days and weekends. Monday and Wednesday I spend the afternoon in the office at work and Jack goes to a sitter. Tuesday, Thursday and Friday I work from home all day and the weekends, of course, are wonderful and my Hubby is home. It just so happened that this day in July is a work day.

My day started around 7:40am. Correction, I waddled out of bed around 7:40am. Jack has gotten really bad about coming to our bed around 4am and sleeping with us. Usually, we both are too exhausted to move him. I can't move that well, so after Ryan gets up for work, Jack weasels his way against me and I can't move. Good thing he is super cute. SO, around 7am Jack starts to wake up next to me. We read some books and cuddled and I try to drag my belly out of bed.

8am is breakfast for Jack and I. I literally have eaten so many Cheerios this pregnancy that I should have bought stock. First trimester I was sick, so it was the only thing that I could stomach. Now, it is low in sugar so I can eat it...soo many Cheerios...

Jack loves cereal bars. Today, he got to eat a cereal bar for breakfast on the couch with me. Why? George.

Jack loves watching Curious George. He wakes up saying, " Mommy. Up. Couch. George. Mommy, watch George? George? Please. George?" Every morning.

So we watch some George and I work/web browse.

Than it is play time for Jack. He has to "work" for awhile. I work, he plays.

After getting caught up on work emails and the likes, I head to the kitchen to do the dishes.

After cleaning a bit, I get Jack dressed for the day. Today, he did not want to wear his shorts. He ran around his room, doing anything to not put shorts on. He dumped his blocks out and wanted to play "locks". Mom won. He put his shorts on, than we played blocks.

10am is cuddle time. Mandatory cuddle time. Sesame Street comes on and Jack asks me to cuddle with him while he watches it. I don't resist. Elmo joined us as well. Jack will stay there for a good 20 minutes, than get up and play for a bit till Elmo's World...than it is back to Mom and cuddle on the couch. I love 1oam cuddle time.

This day we had to leave by 11:15, which is an hour earlier than normal. We can not leave with out giving our cat, Oscar his treats. Jack calls him "Nani". I have no idea why, but he has been Nani to Jack for almost a year now.

The only time that Oscar let's Jack touch him is when he gets his treat. Jack will hug Oscar good bye and we are out the door.

After dropping Jack off at the sitter, I had a special sushi lunch date with my love. This baby is coming soon and we decided to do a little lunch date before work. I loved it. The sushi was good, the company was better. (Never fear, this is all cooked sushi for this momma)

I am in the office around 1pm and at my desk working. My imac is enormous and ridiculous. Don't get me wrong, I love it. I just wish it was not so huge. It overwhelms my desk. There was a huge water leak in my office a few weeks ago, so all pictures and decorations were taken down. So, it is ugly. And you only get pictures of the obscene imac.

I may or may not have booked tickets to go home to Michigan in September.

Little man is picked up around 5:45pm and we are on our way home. Snack cup and juice is a must for the 20 minute car ride home. You never know when traffic will hit and you never let a little boy get too hungry.

One boring package of chicken breast was turned into chicken taco salad for dinner.

After dinner, it is time to get Jack ready for bed. Ryan gets him ready, reads to him and puts him to bed 90% of the time. When he usually gets home around 6:30-7pm, Ryan wants to spend as much time with Jack as possible. 2 year old diapers are not fun. NOT fun.

Once pajamas are on, than it is time for some books. Jack's pillow, blanket and a few stuffed friends also had to accompany him. I like these guys. They are cute.

After the teeth are all brushed, it is time to bring half to his bedroom back to the actual room. First up, pillow.

Cute boy grabs all his other various friends and marches off to bed.

After boy is in bed, Ryan and I had a bit of ice cream. I found a wonderful sugar free ice cream that actually taste good. After working all day, I was ready for a little treat. A 39+ week belly is perfect for holding your ice cream bowl. I mean, why not? It is not going anywhere at the moment.

Swollen preggo feet sneaking in a cuddle while we eat our ice cream on the couch.

Decided that I should probably pack a hospital bag. Jack helped me make my list and added his own touch. Guess this means we are actually having another baby...soon.

Bedtime is later than wanted. Around 11pm. Lights go out...than my old familiar friend comes out of the nightstand. Tums. Ryan said that the sound of tums coming out of the bottle in the middle of the night is the sound of pregnancy to him. Fun. And... good night.

What do your days look like?


Mrs. B. said...

Oh my gosh, your torpedo belly is perfect for ice cream. :) It's so cute, I don't care what anyone says.
I love the mid-day sushi date too. Very nice.
Thanks for participating!
I'll have my Day in July up at the end of the month and then we can link you up in the Mr. Linky. I understand since baby will probably be here by then that you wont be much into blogging...do you mind if I grab your post and link it for you if you can't get to it?
I'm so excited for the little Mr. to be here. :)

Alicia Marie said...

Mrs. B~ Link away! I pretty much computer retarded, so I would probably mess it up. Plus i BETTER have a newborn soon...very very soon...

Rae Nolt said...

What a FUN day! Jack is super cute! AND so is your belly! Hoping that you have your baby soon! :) AND, after JUST having a baby and NOT being able to EAT sugar...I wish I would have found sugar free icecream! YUM!

Jamie Willow said...

your little boy is adorable. love!

good luck with having a new one too! your list was cute :) and your belly is cute too :) what a fun day!