Saturday, February 28, 2009

The results...

Today is the last day of February. Do you know what that means? Fitness February has come to a close and it is time to score the progress.

Exercise: I give myself a B+. I went to the gym every single Saturday and Sunday this month. I took full advantage of being baby free and worked REALLY hard when i was there. I limped and moaned around the rest of the week to prove it! So, that was good. I did not however, get in a 3rd day during the week. I walked at least once each week, but the at home exercises was not so good. I have been EXTREMELY busy with work, working way way past 30 hours a week, so any spare moment i had was working, not crunching those stretched out abs.

Food: I give myself a C+. Breakfast, lunch and dinner was pretty good and mostly healthy, so that is good. We really do eat healthy around here... our down fall this month was Valentine's day. It brought on LOADS of sugar. I made specials desserts for him, be bought special desserts for me, and the result was lots of yummy sugary treats. Not so good for the losing weight though... I would have scored myself in the B range, had it not been for Valentine's day.

The results: I have a lot more stamina in the gym and i was consistant there at least. Good. I also bought a dress and a pair of jeans this month that were in the single digits. Good! I weigh pretty much the same, but i feel better and i like my size smaller jeans :) I am going to continue on this weight/body change kick. Next month will be a bit nuts with half the month gone traveling, but i will try.

How did you do?

Monday, February 23, 2009

My Picks

I have watched the Oscar's since i was a little girl. I loved the dresses above all else and only until recently knew anything about most the of the movies. In fact, i have only missed the Oscars twice in the last 10+years. The first time i was in Africa and the second time i was in L.A at the red i saw the outside but nothing that happened on the inside.
So, here is my picks:

Best Dressed: Anne Hathaway. Great dress and she sings, who knew?

Kate Winslet. Always classy. Her Golden Globes dress was to die for, but this little number turned out well.

Best Color: Natalie Portman
Honorable Mentions: Penelope Cruz, Taraji P. Henson, Angelina Jolie

The Worst Dressed: There was MUCH to be found lacking...but these are the worst offenders

Jessica Biel: That dress...that hair looked better after going to the gym that day...
Tilda Swinton: A perpetual offender of the red carpet and anything resembling a dress. (Anyone remember last year?) She did not disappoint.

Dishonorable Mentions: Beyonce Knowles. Phillip Seymour Hoffman. Mickey Rourke.Amanda Seyfried

Best Necklace: Penelope Cruz' single strand diamond necklace. It was simple and STUNNING.

Worst Necklace: Mickey Rourke's picture of his dead dog.

Best Presenter: Anyone other than Bill Maur.

Worst Presenter: Bill Maur. His shameless plugs for his horrific documentary was classless and disgraceful. Surprise, suprise.

Best Speeches: Any of the Slumdogs awards. The Ledger family.

Worst Speeches: Sean Pean.

Best video of the night: See post below:)

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Jack' Oscar Pick

He gets really excited about the Oscars, obviously.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Pray for Grandpa Jack

Some of you may know how Ryan and i got to know each other, but few people know the WHOLE story. Ryan and i knew each other as since we were 5 and 7 respectively. We became good friends in high school and started dating the end of my senior year. Ryan attended North Central and we broke up for a good while there. We obviously got back together and the rest is history.

However, our story really started before we were born, before our parents were even born. Our grandparents were friends. They were friends and co-workers together. Ryan's mom babysat my mom. They grew up together.

Ryan's grandfather, Jack Sturtevant, attended a tent revival meeting and came to know the Lord as his personal Saviour. He invited my mom to come and she came to know the Lord through Jack. Since than, my mom's whole side of the family came to know the Lord as well as Ryan's. Our grandparents still attend the same church together today. Their friendship has grown and blossomed as they grew together in the Lord. Ryan and i joke that we really didn't stand a chance of NOT being together. Our grandparents are prayer warriors.

Well, now it is our turn to pray for Jack. He was diagnosed with lung cancer last week. The test results just came in and they are not good. It is inoperable and with our chemo and radiation, there is just a few months left. Radiation and chemo will double that. Jack is the foundation of his family, the patriarch. We proudly named our son after his great grandpa Jack.

We now must pray. God can do anything and we are praying for a complete healing. Jack is in great health. You would never know by looking at him that he was sick. We are believe God and trusting in him. We believe in healing. We are praying. Will you pray as well?

Grandpa Jack on Christmas day. He got a duster and was very excited!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Weekend of Love...

Happy weekend of love! Valentine's day has had mixed feelings for me. I had lots and lots of bad ones and a few good ones thrown in here and there. Since getting married, they have all been good!

We decided not to do too much this year. Who wants to watch a baby on Valentine's day? Not any of our regular babysitters... so we celebrated with the babe. He got cute cards, a book, some money and a little piano from mom and dad. He LOVES music. When Ryan plays on it, all four keys and all, he nods his little head and gets all excited. He is a little Mozart in the making.

Ryan got me my favorite treats...trader joe's wasabi peas, Lofthouse frosted cookies and toostie rolls! He took me out to Thai for dinner. I also got a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

I got Ryan a few of his favorite treats and made him a special dessert. I saw it done on T.V, found the recipe and decided to give it a try. It was called Chocolate Fondant, but other people have called it a volcano cake and other things. They turned out amazing. So so so rich though. One of them will about kill you. Here is the before....

Here is what it looked like after a few bites....

I am so glad that it actually worked. I was pretty nervous. Ryan liked his fancy schmancy dessert and it was a nice end to a nice day with the family.

Jack didn't get chocolate dessert. He got prunes. He liked them though...too bad he doesn't even know what he is missing! Maybe he will have better luck next year.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

And Two More Equals Four!

Two more teeth have popped through!

Friday, February 6, 2009

the stats

Name: Jack David Fedell

Age: 7 months

Weight: 15 lbs. 7 oz

Height: 27 inches (as of 1/6/09)

Teeth: 4! Two on top, two on the bottom

Favorite foods: Sweet Potatoes, Peas, Winter Squash and Carrots

Most favorite food: Mom's milk

Least favorite food: cereal

Favorite things to do: Roll, sit up for long periods of time, touch everything possible, put any object in mouth, nod head "yes"

Favorite toys: Remote control, mom's laptop, ring stacker, Tigger and Milton, anything i am not suppose to have

Least favorite toy: exersaucer

Favorite activity: Jumping in front of a mirror with mom or dad

Least favorite activity: napping

Clothing size: 6-9months, though some are still too big

Diaper size: 3

Favorite friends: Gracie, Sophia, and Oscar

Favorite places to go: Nursery and home groups

Least favorite place to go: Crib

Favorite "person" to talk to: Oscar the cat

"Person" who likes to be around Jack the least: Oscar the cat

Favorite things to grab and scream with joy over: Oscar the cat, mom's hair

Newest trick: giving wet wonderful kisses

~Happy 7 months, my sweet little man!~

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Fitness February

February is dedicated to fitness and getting back in shape. I gave birth almost 7 months ago and it is high time that i get my body back. Since i am still breastfeeding, I can't really diet at all. I can, however, try to tone up all this flab.

My goal is to get to the gym 2-3 times a week, walk with Jack 2-3 times a week and get some sort of video/free weight stuff done at home 3 times a week. Even ten minutes of toning is better than nothing. My goal is too be consistent the whole month and to notice a difference in my body tone and hopefully lose some inch...ANYTHING.

So, here we go, Fitness February is is full swing.

Any body wanna join me?