Saturday, February 28, 2009

The results...

Today is the last day of February. Do you know what that means? Fitness February has come to a close and it is time to score the progress.

Exercise: I give myself a B+. I went to the gym every single Saturday and Sunday this month. I took full advantage of being baby free and worked REALLY hard when i was there. I limped and moaned around the rest of the week to prove it! So, that was good. I did not however, get in a 3rd day during the week. I walked at least once each week, but the at home exercises was not so good. I have been EXTREMELY busy with work, working way way past 30 hours a week, so any spare moment i had was working, not crunching those stretched out abs.

Food: I give myself a C+. Breakfast, lunch and dinner was pretty good and mostly healthy, so that is good. We really do eat healthy around here... our down fall this month was Valentine's day. It brought on LOADS of sugar. I made specials desserts for him, be bought special desserts for me, and the result was lots of yummy sugary treats. Not so good for the losing weight though... I would have scored myself in the B range, had it not been for Valentine's day.

The results: I have a lot more stamina in the gym and i was consistant there at least. Good. I also bought a dress and a pair of jeans this month that were in the single digits. Good! I weigh pretty much the same, but i feel better and i like my size smaller jeans :) I am going to continue on this weight/body change kick. Next month will be a bit nuts with half the month gone traveling, but i will try.

How did you do?

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