Sunday, March 1, 2009

March Madness

March is a big travel month for me. March and April. I travel lots and lots these months. Why March? I really don't know why, it just always turns out that way. I am not a huge March fan. I find the month to be quite ugly. It no longer has the clean winter feel and not yet that fresh spring touch is also missing. It is rather dull, lifeless and boring. So, i travel in March. Last March i was in Budapest,Hungary and Kiev, Ukraine. I was also 6 months pregnant. While my travels will be less miles and scenery, it will have it's own form of adventure.

This March, i have an 8 month old and will be heading to Michigan to produce 4 new My World stories. I can do a production trip only because my family is willing to watch my little man while his momma works. Believe me, i did not need to twist their arm to get them to watch the little guy:). It will be lots of work, but i do miss producing and being in the field. Paperwork only has so much charm. So, i leave Wednesday for the the frozen tundra of Michigan, armed with a squirming baby and a prayer. Any travel advice for flying with an 8 month old alone?

Oh, before i forget... NashVegas is never far off on my travel list. I spent 6 weeks there last year, so of course, i had to travel to the Ville in March. I am. Tomorrow. For one single day. Yep, i am boarding a plane all ALONE and going to Nashville for a half day of production in our studio to shoot our new pilot. ( Same show, different format, lots of changes, lots of work) Than it is off to a music studio with some behind the scenes footage and an interview with Britt Nicole. She is recording her sophmore album, and we are off to her studio in the afternoon. I will be back aboard a plane by 6:30pm central time and on my way home to Norfolk, VA. I will be gone from the babe, and from the hub for a full 16 hours. Daddy is taking the day off and working from home. We shall see how much work he gets done. That is a lot of Jack/Daddy time with no other person to come to the rescue. Pray for Jack. Pray for Ryan. Pray i make all my flights. It will be an interesting day...

So, i am off to pack, clean and prepare for my own form of March Madness...

Bon Voyage!

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