Saturday, March 28, 2009

The end of an era...

My friend and fellow producer moved to Nashville today. It is weird. It has only been the three of us at work, than i had a baby and work from home and now Dave moved to Nashville. We will still all work together, just remotely, one at home, one in the office, one in Nashville.

We got together with our old One Cubed boss, some close friends and the significant others one last time at the Flick house. We have been meeting once every two months for the last few years. We talk and eat and laugh. We play monster tag with the kids, who ask to start playing the moment we walk in the door. Monster tag is a game of chasing the kids and screaming, catching them and throwing them on the couch. Very tiring. They love it. Once we have all gorged ourselves with food, the boys head to the living room for some xbox, the kids head to bed, and the ladies stay in the kitchen and talk, usually about babies, pregnancy and kids. On special days, we dance. We dance to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory's step by step Augustus Gloop dance. See, lots of fun.
Our get togethers are wonderful and homey. We all look forward to it. We will greatly miss Dave. He is the favorite monster and the best xbox player. We might be able to get him back once in a great while, but it is the end of the one cubed team era...
Here we all are. We are missing two babies and the photographer, April...It is like my own Virginia Beach family.

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