Monday, March 16, 2009

Home Sweet Home

I am back in Virginia Beach and i am TIRED! It was a good 12 days, but it was busy with lots of family and lots and lots of work. Too much work for my taste! Jack did not sleep that well at night, so that added to the exhaustion. I will blog more about my trip later, but here are the highlights.

~ Jack visted his 4 grandparents, 5 great grandparents, aunt, 2 uncles, 4 cousins plus more family.

~ I had a shamrock shake. I have not had one in 2 years because Virginia does not even know what one is! So, that was a highlight to me!

~ I completed 4 My World testimonies and i kept all my appendenges.

~ I shot 3 stories outside in freezing tempatures. 6+ hours outside is not fun.

~ Jack got his first haircute before the trip

~ Jack is army crawling all over and will shortly be up on hands and knees.

~ Jack's fifth tooth came through

~ I got to shop at Paperdoll :)

~ Jack went swimming for the first time and loved it! He is a little fish, just like his momma. He was fearless in the water.

It is great to be home and back to my hubby. I missed him a lot! He is wonderful and i came home to a clean house. He did the laundry and even put my clothes away. My bathrooms were scrubbed. He went grocery shopping and even cut up the veggies. I even came home to two presents. He bought me a hoodie and a shirt that he thought i would like. How sweet is that? With results like those, I just might need to go away more often...

And just because he was so stinkin is my little man about ready to take a dip!


Kurt said...

I was good to see you and jack

SophiaQuincy said...

I'm glad you survived! Jack is so big, when did he get so big?! This isn't right!!