Wednesday, June 1, 2016

The Highlight Reel

Well... it's been awhile. Three solid months to be exact. I didn't plan on taking such a long hiatus from the ol' blog, but life just happened. Days turned into weeks and weeks into months...and here we are. The first of June. Summer is just a skip, hop and a jump away.

But in those blank spaces of March, April and May special things happened. Fun and exciting things.

So, instead of a massive recap, let's just go with the best parts.

The highlight reel of sorts.

Happy Easter! 
And a family picture where we are ALL looking at the camera. A small miracle.

Hunting for eggs, but not with out a little ankle poppin' pose for the camera.

The Hubby and I got away for a snowy (and deathly sick) filled spring break weekend in Chicago.

Putting on the Ritz in our fancy clothes for the New Morning School auction.

Macy put on her hat, put a hat on her Daddy and told me it was her "marrying hat".
Nothing cuter than a little girl that wants to marry her Daddy.

In April, I flew back to the city of my birth, Salt Lake City, UT. I joined my parents and my sister and we spent time with our Andrew side cousins and had a burial service for my aunt and grandmother. (My Aunt passed away in 2008 and my Grandmother last fall) 
We brought their urns to be buried with my Grandfather.

While the reason for the trip was sad, it was so good to be with family and to explore Utah and the mountains again. I had not been in Utah in almost 20 years!
(And now I feel super old)

Macy and I took a girls' trip to meet up with my mom, sister and her kids and our good friend from MO.

First stop, Bronners. The largest Christmas store in the world.

Frankenmuth cut out were a big hit with Macy.

Her cousin Elliot was not as impressed.

Mother's Day greeted me with donuts, giant homemade cards and sweet smiles from my favorite girl.

Post-park McD's ice cream cones on Mother's Day. 

Memorial Day weekend road trip. Shades on, ready to roll.

It's bubble time.

I walked in on Colin, just brushing his teeth with his sunglasses on.

No big deal.

Peace out, mom...

And a little Memorial Day festival food under a leafy tree.

So, that is our late spring highlight reel.

Some of the golden moments that were splattered in-between the school lunches, drop offs and pick ups, soccer practises and  potty training conversations.

We are ready for June.

We are ready.