Sunday, August 30, 2009

Top Ten

I am over summer. I am ready for fall. I am ready for everything that is brings. I am over the heat and ready for some relief soon. September is right around the corner. Let's celebrate with a count down. It is the top ten reasons why i am ready for fall and ready soon.

1. Cooler weather! I am ready to go outside with Jack and take a walk with out dripping with sweat. I am ready to take my jogging stroller for a run without risking overheating and overheating Jack. I love the cool crispness of fall weather. Let's hope that comes before November here in VA.

2. Boots! I love boots and i am ready to pull out my jeans and boots. I love fall clothes with a nice skinny jean, boot and layers. I am done with short and tanks for awhile.

3. Hot Coffee! I love drinking hot coffee on a cool fall day. No more iced coffee for me. Plus i like the fall flavors of pumpkin and spice.

4. Colors! All fall colors, on the trees, on clothes, on anything! I love the earthy tones of fall.

5. My Birthday and Anniversary. Celebrations like those usually mean shopping and shopping in fun places.

6. Footbal! I like it. I like snuggling up on the couch with my hubby and watching football on the weekend. We are a Michigan State and Indianapolis Colts house and i miss watching football on the weekends. This has been a newer development and my husband is quite happy about that. I do like football, honest.

7.Camping! Most people go camping in the summer. Unless you are crazy or drink so much you don't remember, camping during the summer here is nuts. It is hot and it stays hot all night long. So, that means, you camp in the fall. It is still hot during the day, but it cools off enough to get a fire going. I love bonfires.

8. The new season of television! I am done with stupid summer shows and ready for the real ones to start up again.

9. Fall clothes! I know, i mentioned that earlier. But really, I love fall clothes. Dresses,tights, boots, cardigans, vests, sweaters, buttons downs... bring them on!

10. Going outside!!! I realize that in MN and MI that the summer has been cool, but it has been blazing here in VA. You can't go outside unless you are in water of sorts. I want to take walks, play at the park with Jack and just enjoy the outdoors without fighting 90+ heat and humidity. I want to put Jack in his carseat and not pull him out 5 minutes later with a sweat drenched baby. I want to go hiking and biking!Bring on the cool weather and bring on fall!

Monday, August 24, 2009


We went to the OBX this weekend. It was our first time. It is slightly embarrassing that it is only an hour and a half away and 3 years later we finally made it down there. Hurricane Bill also decided to come along. He was way out in the Atlantic, but he left some nice dangerous waves and rain. It was not the ideal trip, but it felt like we were a million miles away. We ate some AMAZING Carolina BBQ and relaxed. We watched the powerful waves and the storm clouds roll in and watched Jack run all over the hotel room. It was a good first trip and a relaxing mini-vacation. I am already look forward to a nice fall trip to the OBX for some waves, coffee and BBQ!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


There are just some things that make life a little easier, especially as a Mom. These are just a few little necessities that help move along my day!

Ladies, this is it. Dry shampoo spray for $5.95. I have read about this marvel in all my fashion and fitness magazines, but it was always the $30 designer bottle. Well, i found this beauty at Walgreens and gave it a try. It is wonderful. I have long hair, and except from some short times in college, it has always been pretty long. I am an avid wash every other day hair girl. It is healthy and your hair needs it, mine sure does. BUT, the end of day two it is not so nice. Pssst makes it nice. I just spray it on my roots, wait a minute, brush it out and voila! clean looking hair. Baby didn't nap, so you didn't shower? Pssst! Your workout hair is not working anymore? Pssst! Mommyhood makes blowouts privileges and showers hot commodities, but Pssst! makes life just a little bit easier.

Pizza. Who doesn't love it? I do, and i love these little pizzas. They are good. They are 340 calories of yummy goodness, and they are filling. It is the perfect lunch and it takes away that pizza craving with minimal calorie damage. What mom isn't trying to lose a few?

This has been the best workout video i have found yet. It is an intense 20 minute work out. I may not be able to get to the gym during the week, or get in a good hour of cardio, but i can do 20 mins. Those 20 mins are grueling and difficult, but they get results. I have just moved onto level 2 and about died... but it is only 2o mins... so i know i will live. I have already toned up, so here's hoping for some weight loss!!

Ahh, Wet Ones... I always have one in my purse and diaper bag. They are perfect to wipe down shopping carts, high chairs, tables and thrown toys. Sometimes dirty little grubby hands get a wipe. They are portable, antibacterial and wonderful.

I am a big fan of Earth's Best. We mainly use it for all of Jack's baby food. Jack LOVES these litttle crackers. They are a nice transition from a softer puff/cheerio food but they are not too big. Most importantly, they keep Jack interested while we are out and about, especially at restaurants.

There are lots of other great items that help me out, but these are some of my favorites. What are some of your necessities?

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Michelle from A Little Bit Cra[Sieh] posted adorable "behind" shots and wanted others to share. I love shot taken from behind because they are mostly, unaware. Here are a couple of my favorites!

This one is my favorite. He turned around at the exact second i took the picture. He looks like i completely invaded his privacy...which i kinda did :)

This is with his best bud, Sophia. It looks like cute babies playing in their pjs. In reality, they were both pushing each other to have the same toy....

Saturday, August 8, 2009


I must confess that i tend to stalk. Stalk clothing items that is. I see an item that i REALLY like, but is out of my price range and i stalk it. I keep an eye on it, waiting for the price to drop and for me to make my move. Sometimes i am too slow and lose the item completely, sometime i jump to fast and find it later at a better price. Most of the time, my husband gets so tired of hearing me talk about it that he just tells me to get it.

Here is my latest stalking obsession.
The Puckered & Pleated Cardigan

Don't you just love it? I do. Now, let's all hope it drops a good $50 dollars or more for me to get it. Or we could all hope and pray the husband gets sick of me talking about it and invests in this sweater for my October birthday. I mean, it is an investment, right?

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Dis. I spend most of my day answering the question of "dis". Jack wakes up, points to his animals on the wall and says, "dis?". He gets out of his cribs, points to pictures and says, "dis?" He knows what they are, who they are and what they do. We go over it every single day, multiple times a day. We walk around the house, turning on lights, making breakfast and answering all of the various "dis?". It never gets old. Dis? Everything. The only variance of the day is when he finds a pair of shoes, or "shos". Than it is, "Dis? Shos." and than he points to every pair of shoes he can find and tell me that they are "shos". When Ryan comes home it changes to "Dadeeeeeeeeey, dis?dis? dadeeeeeeeeey." Jack hasn't quite figured out how to use the levels of his voice, so "Daddy" is more of a yelling dadeeeeeeeeeeeey. It is an especially exciting day when Jack notices that his dad has his shoes on still. Than is it " Dadeeeeeeeeeeeeey! Shos! Shos! Dis! Shos!"

I am sure there are many more days to come of answering questions. My little man is so inquisitive and just wants to know everything. His little face is full of question and his sincere "dis?" must be answered.

What do I love?