Monday, August 24, 2009


We went to the OBX this weekend. It was our first time. It is slightly embarrassing that it is only an hour and a half away and 3 years later we finally made it down there. Hurricane Bill also decided to come along. He was way out in the Atlantic, but he left some nice dangerous waves and rain. It was not the ideal trip, but it felt like we were a million miles away. We ate some AMAZING Carolina BBQ and relaxed. We watched the powerful waves and the storm clouds roll in and watched Jack run all over the hotel room. It was a good first trip and a relaxing mini-vacation. I am already look forward to a nice fall trip to the OBX for some waves, coffee and BBQ!


Crystal Leigh said...

um, for those of us not familiar with OBX what does it mean? I'm assuming a city in one of the Carolinas.

Alicia said...

Crystal~ OBX is the outer banks of NC... it is commonly called OBX around here.