Saturday, August 8, 2009


I must confess that i tend to stalk. Stalk clothing items that is. I see an item that i REALLY like, but is out of my price range and i stalk it. I keep an eye on it, waiting for the price to drop and for me to make my move. Sometimes i am too slow and lose the item completely, sometime i jump to fast and find it later at a better price. Most of the time, my husband gets so tired of hearing me talk about it that he just tells me to get it.

Here is my latest stalking obsession.
The Puckered & Pleated Cardigan

Don't you just love it? I do. Now, let's all hope it drops a good $50 dollars or more for me to get it. Or we could all hope and pray the husband gets sick of me talking about it and invests in this sweater for my October birthday. I mean, it is an investment, right?


Kurt said...


McClain's said...

It is super cute. I will help you pray it goes on sale or that Ryan gets it for you 4 your B-day. This kind of stalking I can appreciate.

Crystal Leigh said...

yes mam, that looks like an investment...I think anything from anthropologie is...right?