Tuesday, August 18, 2009


There are just some things that make life a little easier, especially as a Mom. These are just a few little necessities that help move along my day!

Ladies, this is it. Dry shampoo spray for $5.95. I have read about this marvel in all my fashion and fitness magazines, but it was always the $30 designer bottle. Well, i found this beauty at Walgreens and gave it a try. It is wonderful. I have long hair, and except from some short times in college, it has always been pretty long. I am an avid wash every other day hair girl. It is healthy and your hair needs it, mine sure does. BUT, the end of day two it is not so nice. Pssst makes it nice. I just spray it on my roots, wait a minute, brush it out and voila! clean looking hair. Baby didn't nap, so you didn't shower? Pssst! Your workout hair is not working anymore? Pssst! Mommyhood makes blowouts privileges and showers hot commodities, but Pssst! makes life just a little bit easier.

Pizza. Who doesn't love it? I do, and i love these little pizzas. They are good. They are 340 calories of yummy goodness, and they are filling. It is the perfect lunch and it takes away that pizza craving with minimal calorie damage. What mom isn't trying to lose a few?

This has been the best workout video i have found yet. It is an intense 20 minute work out. I may not be able to get to the gym during the week, or get in a good hour of cardio, but i can do 20 mins. Those 20 mins are grueling and difficult, but they get results. I have just moved onto level 2 and about died... but it is only 2o mins... so i know i will live. I have already toned up, so here's hoping for some weight loss!!

Ahh, Wet Ones... I always have one in my purse and diaper bag. They are perfect to wipe down shopping carts, high chairs, tables and thrown toys. Sometimes dirty little grubby hands get a wipe. They are portable, antibacterial and wonderful.

I am a big fan of Earth's Best. We mainly use it for all of Jack's baby food. Jack LOVES these litttle crackers. They are a nice transition from a softer puff/cheerio food but they are not too big. Most importantly, they keep Jack interested while we are out and about, especially at restaurants.

There are lots of other great items that help me out, but these are some of my favorites. What are some of your necessities?


Christina said...

Oh my goodness! I love the advertising for Pssssst!! Sounds like a great product!! Thanks for your comment on my blog ;) I'm so glad you read my story!! We'll see how it continues ;) I think he's quite good looking too!

Mrs. B. said...

ove this post! I have to try the Pssst. :)

John and Sarah Clore said...

oh I'm going to get me some Psssssst! this weekend. harvey woke you up at 4:30 and you have to get up at 515 for work? Psssssst! Now you can sleep a little longer and skip that pesky shower. im an every other day hair washer, but now i can make it 3 days for sure! thanks Psssssssst!