Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Strangers say a lot of things to pregnant ladies. They say things they would probably not say to anyone else. I have had some strange, rude, funny and sweet comments about this pregnancy.

Here are some of the classics.

Male stranger yelling at me while crossing the street, coming towards me: " WHOA! Look at that belly!! Are you having a boy?" Me: " Yes." Stranger: " Yeah a boy AND a girl! Hahahaha". I didn't think it was that funny. I also didn't really appreciate him yelling it to me while walking across a street.

Male Stranger: " Whoa. You must be having twins." Me: "Nope, just one." Stranger: " Yeah right!" Stranger looked like HE was pregnant with twins. Nice.

Male Stranger at grocery store: "I have never seen a belly like that in person. It looks like the movies. Just this little ball up front and that is all. My wife carried everywhere. You must have exercised and ate right, huh? I just have never seen that in real life." Slightly sweet, mostly creepy.

Female Stranger in elevator: " Well look at that cute little belly. I just want to stare at it and see if I can see that baby move. It looks like all baby. I bet he will move if I watch your belly long enough." Yes, if you watch my belly long enough, the baby will move, but I am not going stand in the elevator that long.

Female Cashier Stranger: " Oh, are you having a boy or a girl?" Me: " We are having a boy." Cashier leans over to look at the stroller and sees that Jack is a boy. FCS: " Ohhh... you must be SO disappointed that you are not having a girl." Me: " No, we are happy with a boy. They will be close in age and we are excited to have brothers." FSC: " I guess I never thought of it that way." I pity people that pity me for not having the cookie cutter boy and girl only. We are thrilled with our second little boy.

Male Stranger at McDonalds: "Are you having a boy?" Me: " Yep." Stranger: " I thought so. I can tell cause of the way you are carrying. Good. We need more boys in the world. Good for you."

Female Stranger at yard sale: " Wow, when are you due?" Me: " Oh not for awhile still. I have at least 10 weeks." Stranger: " Oh no. You will never ever last that long. You have already dropped. You are going to have that baby soon." Second random female stranger interrupts conversation to agree with first stranger. " Oh yes, you most certainly have already dropped. I bet you have that baby in a few weeks." I am holding onto Jack, who is playing shy and just wanting to buy the outdoor chair cushions from the first lady. Jack won't let me put him down to get my wallet out. First Stranger: " See. He is clingy. He knows that the time is near and that you are having that baby soon. That is another sign." Well, thank you for your great knowledge of my son and my pregnancy. I am sure that I dropped in the 2 minutes that you have ever seen me in your life. At least I got a steal for those cushions...

Female Stranger in elevator: " Your face doesn't look pregnant."

and the list could go on and on and on...

but those are some of the more interesting comments I have received.

Only 2 1/2 more weeks left. I am sure I will get a few more fun comments before the baby comes. One can only hope, right?


Andrea said...

people say the weirdest/strangest things. I think they mean them to be compliments in some sort of weird way. and why does it seem like if your pregoo or have a baby people think they have the liscense to say and do whatever?

strangers come up to ava all the time and touch her and get in her face, i want to tell them back off give her room.

you've been a trooper! your beautiful boy will be here soon!

Mrs. B. said...

Cracking UP at this post!!! Haha.
Okay...I'm so glad your FACE doesn't look pregnant. That could get scary. ;)
You are adorable.
How is your PUPPS? Better?

Crystal Leigh said...

wow, those are classics. thanks for making me smile and laugh (well, sort of thanks, it actually kind of hurts my ear recuperation when I laugh and smile)! i still think you are one HOT MAMA!