Friday, June 6, 2008

Oh Belly

I have had a great pregnancy. I have literally traveled all over the world while i was pregnant. I have not thrown up once. I have just started to swell, but it is an ungodly 90+ degrees here as well. Each time i go to the Dr. the baby has a super healthy heart rate. In fact, i have been called sturdy and healthy as a horse...BUT now i have a complaint.
My belly itches. A LOT!!! I mean, all the time. really badly. Keeps you up at night itchy. At first i thought that it was from the stretching. My belly looks like a beach ball and my baby likes to hang out right in front by my belly button, thus there is bruising around my belly button. I put lotion on it all the time, and it did not help. I put calamine lotion on it. Didn't work. Now, there is a lovely attractive rash. The doctor has looked at it and said that it was not PUPPP, but i am on benadryl and hydrocortizone. The problem? Doesn't work. I still itch like crazy. The only thing that helps is to expose my bruised, red rashed belly to air and place a cool wet washcloth on it. Cant exactly get away with that at work though...
So, with four weeks left to go... i itch. If anyone knows something that will help, it would be greatly appreciated.

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