Thursday, May 29, 2008


The last week or so has been pretty crazy for the Fedells. We have our friend Crystal Roehl in town for 10 days. She is leaving to go live in Spain for 2 years as a missionary associate with International Media Ministries soon, and this is the last chance we will see her. She fly in on Tuesday night, in between our OB appointment, pediatrician interview and birthing class. Poor girl. She has been left alone for 5 days!
On Tuesday the 20th, i got a phone call at 5:11am from my little brother. He had found my Aunt Susan unresponsive in our living room. Some of you know about my Aunt Susan. She bravely fought a horrendous throat cancer that eventually took her life. Before she died, she had overcome tongue cancer, lost all her hair, most of the skin on her neck, the ability to talk and eat (She had a feeding tube) and yet she was still strong. She handled it better than anyone i know. I don't know if i could go what she went through with her positive attitude. She lived with my parents the last 6 months or so and they were her constant care givers. Ryan and i got special permission from my OB to fly and we went home to be with my family and to help with the funeral. Thankfully, Crystal has a friend who lives in Lynchburg, VA and she was able to drive there and spend those 5 days with her friend.
Yesterday we went to the Virginia Aquarium and watched a 3-d movie WHILE we drank ICEEs... how long has it been since i have had an icee? I have no idea, but man, that thing tasted good.
We were able to get to the beach for a bit and took a few pictures. Here they are!

The fishing pier near the Chesapeake Bay Bridge

Sunset by the Bay Bridge.

My hot Hubby.

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