Thursday, May 15, 2008

Washington D.C

Last weekend Ryan and I went to Washington D.C. We went with my boss Rhonda and Donna and we hosted 3 young people from CBN Cambodia. They had never been out of Cambodia before, so we decided to show them as much of the U.S as possible. Ryan had never been to D.C before, and since all our expenses were paid, we jumped at the opportunity. It was SOO nice to be in a real city again. That was one of the best parts, to be in a nice clean city and not a beachy strip mall town. The not fun part was the pain in my hips and feet after waddling around for 15 hours. It is a great idea to visit D.C, maybe not such a good idea to walk D.C 32 weeks pregnant. I really am done traveling now....i think. Here are a few of the classic D.C pictures.

On the National Mall looking the the Lincoln Memorial.

The Lincoln Memorial.

Overlooking the Potomac with the Washington Monument and the Jefferson Memorial.

Ryan was hanging out with George Mason. They are buddies.

The capital building at night.

The White House. No one was home that day. Jenna was getting married in TX.

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Abbey Andrew said...

Neato, Wink! I think I'm coming with Dad in July. Yay!