Monday, October 6, 2008

My Hubby

In almost a week, i will have been married 2 years. I was thinking back about those fall wedding planning days and how much life has changed since than. The one thing that has not changed is my love for my hubby. In fact, it just keeps growing and growing. I married a wonderful man. He is kind and caring. He would rather sit down and really get to know you, than just say "hi". He is an advocate of truth and God's word and he does not back down from it, even when that is not the popular thing to do. He is a wonderful provider for Jack and I and he works very very hard. He has a brilliant business mind and will someday change the world with it. He manages a very hectic work schedule, getting his MBA and having a new baby with a lot of grace and love. He is passionate about people and seeing them reach their fullest potential. He is really funny. He will say the most ridicules things and than immediately look to see my reaction. He is an amazing father. He is the best friend i have ever had. He is the spiritual head of the house and i greatly greatly respect that. He is passionate about his family, even through the most painful situations. He is athletic and keeps himself in great shape. He is disciplined. He is loving. He is my perfect match and i am so thankful that i get to be his wife. Life is truly and adventure and i would not want to experience it with anyone else. I thank the Lord for my godly, wonderful, amazing husband!

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Crystal Leigh said...

oh my goodness...that was great! it almost brought tears to my eyes. that's the description of the guy i want. does your hubby have a twin?!