Tuesday, May 12, 2009


This Sunday we dedicated Jack to the Lord. It was beautiful. We did not have any family in town, so our home group helped us dedicate our son to the Lord and came up on stage with us. At New Life, our church, they introduce the baby and than have the father say a prayer of blessing over the baby. After that, we the parents are charged. Our promise, " Parents, before the Lord and these witnesses, do you commit to today to raise your child in the Christian father? Do you promise to pray for your children, provide for their physical and spiritual needs, and raise them in the dear and admonition of the Lord?"

We do.

Than our church was charged. " New Life Providence Church, do you as a church family, support these parents in the dedication of their children to God, and do you commit to help them as needed?"

They did.

We were so blessed to have our home group and church behind us as we endeavour to raise Jack in godly loving home.

Here is Ryan's prayer over Jack.

Father, we are standing here today thanking you and rejoicing in the life of our son Jack David. We know that you have created him with a great purpose in your kingdom. Lord, we commit to raise Jack to know you and to live according to your word. Help us to always lead him in the truth and faith, Lord, we ask that you would give him strength in his mind, body and spirit that he would be whole and complete. We ask that you give him wisdom and favor in all that he does.We pray that his faith will be strong and that his heart will be soft, full of love and full of grace. May his life be marked by the power of the Holy Spirit. Teach him Lord to lvoe you and to love people. Thank you for this amazing young man you have given us. In Christ's name we pray AMEN"


Kurt and Abbey said...

I wish we could've been there!

Laura said...

Wow, looks wonderful. I'm so proud of you and Ryan, you're wonderful parents. The dedication prayer was beautiful. What a blessed little family!