Monday, May 18, 2009

Week O' Fun

I have a pretty great week coming up. I don't even mind that it is Monday, cause i am looking forward to everything in this week!

I have to go to the Chiro 3 times this week, BUT they are also doing some muscle work, which means... 3 1-hour long massages for me! I am not complaining!

On Wednesday i have a much needed and long over due date with my Hubby. This will be no ordinary date. It will be a killer, highly anticipated date. We have tickets, great tickets, to see my favorite band. That is right, we are going to see COLDPLAY!!! We saw them when they were at the Target Center for the X and Y tour and they were beyond amazing and incredible. I can't wait!

Work this week will also be fun. I am editing my brother-in-law's My World testimony that we shot in March. Our editor had some trips and a family emergency that pushed it back till the end of May, but now we should finish it by the end of the week. I like this part of my job. All the hard stuff is finished and i have someone else to do the fancy schmancy editing while i sit there and tell them what works and looks best. So, if i have to work, at least it is fun stuff!

On Friday we are packing up the car and heading to New York City! One of my good friends moved to Brooklyn, so we are going to visit them and check out the sites of the city. I love New York and i miss my friend. I really can't wait to go.

See, good week. Most weeks do not fall like this... so i am going to take it and enjoy it!


Crystal Leigh said...

what. you are having a week o fun without me? not fair! i'm going to be living with 4 more girls than normal in the next 10 days. should be a week o fun. and you're lucky too..getting to travel to NYC!

Kurt and Abbey said...

Have fun seeing Coldplay! Will Kurt's video be done so you can bring it to Michigan with you?