Sunday, November 8, 2009

Oh. My. Maxx.

Sometimes you go shopping and you find nothing. Sometimes you go shopping and you want everything. Sometimes you go shopping and find amazing deals meant just for you. Or sometimes you can be heading to a T.J Maxx for a return and come away with the greatest deals of your entire life. ever.

That is what happened to me on Saturday. The T.J. Maxx/HomeGoods by the oceanfront is one of the best Maxxs around, they have a HUGE home selection and a large designer section. The prices in their designer selection are still around $100, but the labels are to die for. Prada, Chloe, Valentino, Rock and Republic, ect... Fun to look at, but still pricey. So, i headed down to the clearance area in the regular section to browse.

Dear lord. I found some hidden jems. Designer jems. For 95% off. I walked away with a Vera Wang shirt for $10, an Alice + Olivia shirt for $10, BCBG MaxAzaria tunic dress for $7 and a funky sequin picoli cocktail dress for $20. I died of pure happiness. I loved every single piece and not only till i tried it on did i realize it was designer. I died.

This has never happened before. I never thought i would own Vera. I pretty much never want to shop again because how can you beat that? Well, i am sure i will shop again sometime....


Crystal Leigh said...

que bien. buy your friend crystal something next time. i want vera!

Dave and Ali said...

Wow, awesome deals! I have a strange urge to go to TJ Maxx now