Thursday, November 12, 2009

The long and short of it...

Hair. That is the questions. To cut or not to cut. I have an appointment with the super talented Ms. Noelle on the 6th and I am in a quandary. To cut or not to cut.

Right now I have long hair. It is about the bra line with layers. When I decide to actually do it, I like it. I wanted the long, wavy supermodel hair. When freshly cut, I can do it, especially if I take the time to blow it out with a round brush. The reality? I wear it pulled back in a low bun 80% of the time.

If I were to cut it, I think I would want a brushing my shoulder length, with a slight angle. I could still pull it back. ( a must, especially with a 16 month old) I have had my hair short in the past and liked it. The last time it was cut short, I was not such a big fan, but that was more because of the actual cut. That Noelle can work miracles, so I am not too worried on that one.

So, what should it be? Long, layered waves with lots of functionality, or a short chic shoulder bob, something fresh and new....

I can't decide.

Help me decide.

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Mrs. B. said...

I am NOT the one to ask! I'm contemplating (agonizingly) the exact same thing.
I'm leaning toward keeping it long.

Kurt said...

shave it like Britney Spears

Alicia Marie said...

Kurt, you mean i should have your haircut, bald.

Mrs.B....I HATE these hard.

McClain's said...

I always want what I can't have when it comes to my hair..when it's short I want it long..when it's long I want it short..when it's light I want it dark...think you get my point. So I am not the best to ask for advice. I think however you will look good no matter what you decide to do to your hair..spike it and dye it pink..your still gorgeous!