Saturday, February 2, 2008

The Baby likes Nashville

I am in Nashville for 13 days working with hosts from two different countries and also some work the the Italian 700 club. i calculated that i spent 6 weeks total in Nashville last year. I like Nashville, it is a nice city. It not too exciting when i am here by myself and spend most of my days in a dark studio. The shopping can be good though. :)
The week before i left for Nashville, i have been having some pain on the sides of my stomach. It was like my muscles were tensing and stretching, which obviously, they are. I had talked to a friend of mine who is also pregnant and she warned me that i was indeed stretching for a growth spurt. She said the same thing happened to her and than 2 days later she "popped". When i arrived, i was still wearing 2 of my regular pair of jeans with out any problems. I wore one pair last Saturday without any discomfort. I went to put the same pair of jeans on 4 days later and they would not button!! My stomach has really gotten big! One of my co-workers was down for a few days and commented on my belly. She said that when she saw me last week that i didnt look pregnant and than she saw me at the studio i looked completely different! The baby must really like Nashville, because it has decided to show up, in a big way!


Abbey said...

Yay! I can't wait to see her/him!

Mari said...

Take a good care of princess Fedell on this trip! Beijos!

Crystal Leigh said...

Auntie Crystal wants to see some big belly pics now!!