Friday, March 28, 2008

Sveged, Hungary

I traveled to Sveged on Monday and Tuesday to shoot a My World. Marton is a world champion single knee canoer and he trains and lives in Sveged, which is about 2 hours southeast of Budapest. It is only 20 km from the Serbia border. It is one of Hungary's oldest cities and boast to have the world's great salami. If you ever are in a duty-free airport and you see Pick's Salami, it was made in Sveged. I have  not had the pleasure of trying it! We shot at the National Canoeing  center, which hosted the world championships a few years ago. I guess they have 40,000 people attending. Canoeing is a very popular sport in Hungary. Marton is one of the best. He is huge!!! He doesnt look too big in person, but once he is in uniform and on the water, he looks like a beast! 
My all-male Hungarian crew was absolutely wonderful!!! I loved being around them. They spoke a decent amount of English, though technica
l tv talk was a bit hard to translate. I really hope that the shoot turned out well! i am excited to see the footage.
Here is a few pictures of Svegad.

City center

The city center.

             Marton in the water and my Hungarian crew in a motor boat trying to catch up!

                         My wonderful Hungarian crew and Marton. It was VERY cold that day.

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