Tuesday, April 15, 2008


It is funny how things change. Your perspective on things shift and your view of what is important evolves, sometimes with out even realizing it.
Here are some things i have noticed that have changed in my life in the last 7 months.

1. Comfort is important. I wore yoga pants to the mall yesterday. 2 years ago, i would have NEVER done that... but i had worked a full day in dress clothes and heels and i just wanted to be comfortable.
2. Comfort is relative when it comes to shoes. I can still proudly wear my heels, where all my other preggo friends are completely in flats. HOWEVER, i just cant wear them as long. I pledge to keep wearing my cute heels till i cant stuff my swollen feet into them anymore!
3. Travel is not glamorous. I used to want to travel every weekend, dreaming of jetting off to exotic places, or just traveling away from home. Don't get me wrong, i still love going places and i like traveling, i just like it to spread out instead of jam packing it into 3 months. I miss my hubby. By the first of May, we will have spent 28 days apart in the last 41 days...not fun. Not glamorous.
4. Traveling pregnant is especially NOT glamorous. Waddling up and down airport terminals with a heavy carry-on that helps display your every growing belly is not cute. at all.
5. Friends are really important. Even when you are tired and want to lay on the couch all night, friends are worth getting up and spending time with.
6. Time away from your family makes you appreciate them all the more.
7. Shopping is depressing when you are 7 months pregnant. I never thought i would not like shopping for clothes, but i do not like it now. I hate maternity clothes. They are ugly, huge and expensive... and the cute items are few and far in between.
8. Watching your husband place his hand on your belly and feeling your son kick and move into his hand is worth getting huge and fat for. The look on Ryan's face when he gets to see and feel Jack move is priceless...

With 12 weeks left till the baby comes, i know that my life will continue to change in dramatic ways... it will be interesting to see how.

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Ryan said...

i love you and that little guy...