Wednesday, July 23, 2008

ohh baby,,,

Jack is now almost 3 weeks old. We have been having some sucking problems with him and have been to a lactation specialist twice. I really want to breastfeed him exclusively, but he is making it a very trying experience. Mr. Jack does not use his tongue properly, so i have to wear a nipple shield to feed him, if he decides to feed. Otherwise, we have to supplement him with my pumped breast milk and feed him with our finger in his mouth and a special syringe. Keeping our finger in his mouth forces him to use his tongue properly. So, my life the last 2 and half weeks has been filled with breastfeeding, pumping and supplementing. It is completely exhausting. Jack now sleeps around 3-4 hours at night, so that is nice... but gone are they days of 8-10 hours of sleep IN A ROW. I realized how sleep deprived i am when i was watching television and i saw someone get into bed and i was really jealous. That is a sad thing.
Motherhood has been much harder than i expected. I was not expecting a longer recovery and i was not expecting the feeding problems, but i am learning and growing. Jack is becoming more alert now and certainly has his own personality. He is either really happy or really mad. There is not much in between. He loves to make noises when he eats and is starting to coo more. It is a good thing that he is just so dang cute!


Andrea said...

he is adorable. i'm not a mommy but, my sister and a lot of my girlfriends who are have done the same thing you are, be encrouaged! you're a great mommy!

Crystal Leigh said...

oooohh...he is super cute. post more pics of Jack in between feedings and 1 hour naps. :)