Friday, May 28, 2010

Hands and Feet

This little guy has been pushing and punching at me all day and night. He is strong, too. See those muscles popping up? Ryan calls him our little "Muscle Man". Ryan thought that he was flexing his muscles at Ryan to show him how strong he is.

These little guys have been marching around my insides as well. Marching, kicking, dancing, you name it, he does it! He feet look JUST like Jack's did in his ultrasound. Long. The Sturtevant toe gene is a powerful gene and my children may all end up with feet like their daddy.

I am ready to meet these little hands and feet. I am very accustom to their movements, but am anxiously awaiting to count fingers and toes in person, not on an ultrasound!
(ultrasound pictures taken at 20 weeks)


Freedom River Ministries said...

I'm thrilled to finally see Colin Edward!

Kurt said...

Edward Cullin?