Thursday, December 6, 2012

Brotherly Love

Brothers. The fighting. The playing. The punching. The hugging. It's a whole new world for me. I have one brother and one sister. The dynamic is so different. Two brothers, two years apart. They are constantly together, with tears and laughter flowing. My Husband has a brother that is two years older than him. He gets the dynamics between these two. He is wise and tells me to just let them be, fight it out and move on. Normally, they do. Sometimes, I intervene when the playing gets too rough and the little one can't keep up. Sometimes the smaller one takes out the bigger one.  Laughter.Tears. Hugs. Time outs. They all seem to follow one another.

But sometimes, I catch them being so perfectly loving. Imaginary play that makes me smile. The older one helping the younger one understand a certain concept. Random hugs and tickles.

This time I caught them and got my camera in time. Colin had been sick earlier in the week. He was not up to running full steam and Jack was getting cabin fever. I was busy running around, getting ready to leave and walked in to this little scene. Little brother Colin resting his tired head on his brother's back, arm around his waist. Jack did not push him off or get annoyed that he was being laid on. They laid like this for awhile, watching PBS kids and just being next to each other.

I am so happy that they will always have each other. They will always be brothers.


Susan Hall said...

Love the picture. Tell Ryan Thanks for the advice. I grew up with only one brother and having 2 boys of my own I need to hear that.

Carol said...

The love between little ones is so sweet and wonderful to witness, isn't it? Kate and Rowan are 4 years apart, but still so close. Makes me grateful to have them and to know they have each other. Thanks for sharing.

Sayaka said...

aww....these pictures are so sweet!! I had two brothers who were 2 years apart (I'm saying "had" because one brother passed) but they were best best friends. Always together!! So I kind of can see what Ryan means when he says to let them be :) By the way I hope Colin is feeling better!!