Wednesday, February 6, 2013

That One Time It Snowed

We don't get snow very often, here in VA. If it does snow, it does not accumulate and it does not last beyond a day. The last time is snowed with more than a dusting was when I was pregnant for Colin. So, when they predicted snow, we ignored them.

Than over 3 inches fell in a few hours...right before Friday rush hour Hampton Roads where they have like 1 plow for 20,000+ people. So no sand or salt on now slippery roads...with people who DON'T know how to drive in snow.

It took Ryan over 3 hours to get home. He works a little over 9 miles away.

So no birthday party with friends for my husband and no early dinner and playing in the snow with the boys. No fun to be had.

The good news? The snow stayed.

So the next day, we bundled up these little gooses and took them outside to play in the snow. And by "we", I mean Ryan. ;) Jack had rain boots on. We covered Colin's feet with plastic bags and than just shoved them into his shoes. I had bought the boys snow pants for when we go to Michigan next year. They were a few sizes too big, but I adjustable-waistbanded those suckers up to their armpits and they were all set.

Little red wagon held snow balls for a snow ball fight with brother.

Sand buckets made nice cones to slide into. Human snow bowling is much more fun that just regular sliding.

Daddy made the biggest snowman he could. The benefit of having a large backyard was that he could roll that ball ALL around.

Mr. Frosty's middle was a bit harder to manage and Ryan had to jump down on it to get it into place. I think he got a decent work out in.

 Proud Daddy with his snowman. Jack creatively named him Frosty. A nose and arms were eventually added, but cold fingers and toes hindered the last half of the snowman making.

 Mom and the boys smartly watched the final stages of Frosty creation from inside. Nice and toasty warm.

Poor Frosty lasted only 3 days. By Tuesday we had a 70 degree day and the only trace of our snowman was a pile of leaves.

Jack told me not to sad. He would come again next Christmas Day.


Lisa - respect the shoes said...

I haven't seen snow yet this year and I kind of miss it - you guys have been lucky!

Hena Tayeb said...

wow that is some snowman.. my husband's was shorter than our 2year old and he is a tiny one..
your kids must have loved it..