Thursday, May 16, 2013

Good Idea/Bad Idea: The Maternity edition

Pregnancy always brings it's own challenges and benefits.  Changing, shifting bodies that usually coincide with changing, shifting emotions can sometimes wreak havoc on one's self esteem and outlook on life.

Instead of waxing eloquently on my trials and tribulations of this pregnancy, let's look at both the good and the bad things of pregnancy.

Good Idea: Eating lots of yummy, spicy food.
Bad Idea: The heartburn that always seems to come after it.

Good Idea: Bountiful bosoms.
Bad Idea: Bountiful everything else.

Good Idea: Stretchy pants.
Bad Idea: Only fitting in to stretchy pants.

Good Idea: Buying new sandals.
Bad Idea: Buying new sandals because your feet look like hobbit feet, pregnancy style.

Good Idea: Having cute maternity dresses like this one for sale. It is super comfortable and I have received loads of compliments on it, which always makes a pregnant lady happy.
Bad Idea. This. Someone who has never been pregnant must have thought it was a cute idea to put a pregnant women in a onesie with legs that you have to pull ALL the way down to use the bathroom. Cause pregnant ladies NEVER need to use the bathroom...

Good Idea: Gummy prenatal vitamins. No more horse pills to gag over.
Bad Idea: The side effects of prenatal vitamins...and I am not talking about your hair and nails growing at a superhuman rate.

Good Idea: Having the boys actively involved in naming of the baby.
Bad Idea: They insist on using the name Noodle.

Good Idea:  Shopping for little lady clothes!
Bad Idea: You have 7 full bins of baby clothes already...for boys.

Good Idea: The boys can now feel the baby kicking.
Bad Idea: Colin trying to kick the baby back.

Always a Good Idea:

 Being pregnant with a dear friend. We have been pregnant the last 3 times together...all the same sex! So, two little boy buddies and now little lady friends!  (She is ready to pop, I am 21 weeks.)


Matt and Tiffany McClain said...

so cute!!! I can't wait to see this little girl!

Andrea Worley said...

this is a great post!

so excited to see your little lady. being preggo with a friend is awesome. i was preggo with my friend with ava, but she had a baby boy and now they are going to marry each other....we've decided from the get go!

Sayaka said...

What a cute cute post Alicia!! And I totally agree that shopping for little girls are a good idea!! :)

Unique Indie said...
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Unique Indie said...

You ladies look lovely!

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