Tuesday, September 10, 2013


My baby started Kindergarten last week.

I didn't even cry.

He was so excited.

I was sick to my stomach.

He can't be old enough to wear a backpack, have his hair combed and wave good bye. He should still spend his mornings snuggled up with me on the couch.

I don't think he realizes that this was the first day of a whole new world for him.

He will always start school now. Alarms will be set, regardless of how tired one may feel. There will be bags to pack and homework to compile. There will be breakfast to eat, hair to comb and teeth to brush.  It is a whole new beginning.

For at least the next 12 years (hopefully more).

Here's to a successful first year of school!

Brother was not happy when he realized that he could not go with his Daddy and his brother to drop Jack off. Colin has done well though. He is o.k with Jack going, as long as we get to pick him up soon!

We found out our house is the bus stop for all the public school kids. Random people in the yard and driveway from 7am to around 9am and than again around 3pm. Not awkward at all.
We quickly found the brackets for our curtains and had those hung up asap.

Backpack on, art project ready and he is off! (And maybe a bit tired of all the pictures mom was taking non-stop)


Sayaka said...

Oh Alicia you did it!!
I'm so happy the first day went well!!
It's so hard to get used to the idea of Kindergarten. After 3 weeks I think I finally getting used to my little one going off to K everyday. And what a big boy Colin is for understanding!! And soon he'll have a little sister to play with so that will surely keep him busy right?
Oh and Jack looked so handsome on his first day!!

Lisa - respect the shoes said...

Happy first week of school! Ah, isn't it nice when kids are younger and actually are excited about going to school? I think back to high school and don't believe I remember much about looking forward to going to class, haha.