Wednesday, November 20, 2013

You know you are three when...


~ The world ends when your mom forgets to buy juice at the grocery store.

~ You offer to show her where the juice is at target because...

~ You never forget anything.

~ you prefer to be naked when :
- you go the bathroom
- you are mad
- you are happy
-when you watch tv
-when it is hot outside
-when it is cold outside
- when it is time to go...anywhere

~Socks are the worst.

~ You can laugh, cry, hit and hug in the same 3 minutes.

~ Your older brother is the greatest person ever, except for when you don't get your way.

~ You ignore the fact that you have a baby sister. You are still the baby of the family.

~ You sing your own soundtrack to your life.

~ Play voices are 3 times louder than regular talking voices.

~ Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches must be cut into shapes.

~ Don't ever, ever cut the wrong shape.

~ Any form of condensation on the ground constitutes as puddle, therefore it must be jumped in at any and every given opportunity.

~There is no such things as "nice" clothes or shoes.

~ Hugs and kisses are freely given. So are punches and kicks.

~ Dads are hilarious.

~ Wearing a cape makes you a superhero. Superheros do not wear hats outside. They also do not wear their hoods up on their coats. Ever.

~ You can do everything on your own, by yourself... unless you want your mom to do it. Than you can do nothing and she must do everything or the world will end.

~ Throwing things really makes your point more valid.

~ It is ok to like your mom's homemade chicken nuggets for one meal but hate them for another meal.

~ Despite what they say, you can live on bread alone. Bread and juice, that is.

~ It is ok to remember that your mom forgot to buy juice and throw yourself on the floor demanding juice to appear.

Man, it is tough being three.

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Hena Tayeb said...

you nailed it.. pretty much described my three year old..