Friday, March 21, 2014

Friday Favorites: First, Seconds and Silly

Happy Friday! 

After two weekends of traveling in a row, I am looking forward to being at home this weekend. 

Here are a few of my favorite happenings lately:

My baby lost his first tooth!  I was away on a work trip in Virginia and got a call from a VERY excited boy. He was at my grandparent's, eating a popsicle, and it just came out! I was a little bummed to miss out on that, but was happy that my mom and grandpa got be there for the big moment. We had to negotiate a deal with the Tooth Fairy, as Jack insisted that the Tooth Fairy was going to give him $25 for his tooth! We brought the price down to $5 for the first tooth and a $1 for the rest. Apparently, teeth cost a lot of money these days...

Last weekend, Macy and I flew back to Virginia Beach for a work trip. Macy was absolutely fantastic. She was the best little traveler, who charmed everyone with in eyesight with giggles and smiles. We were blessed with open seats next to us for both flights and she slept decently for being in a hotel. I was able to accomplish everything at work and we had time to meet with some friends. Macy and her bestie Wynter had a nice reunion:)

Baby is on the move. She is not sitting up yet, because that would mean she has to sit still. She is rolling ALL over the place and can get her little hands onto anything. I put her ON top of her play mat and returned 2 minutes later to find her UNDER her play mat, happy as a clam, eating the tags. Life just got a whole lot more interesting!

While there has been some good moments in the last few weeks, it has been tinged with a deep sadness at the loss of my Grandma.
Overall, I would say that my family is doing well, considering.  We all came together and celebrated my Grandma and she would have loved it. There is a great solidarity in my family that seemed to strengthen instead of weaken during this hard time.
This little boy wanted to make people smile. He did not like people being sad, so he tried his hardest to bring a lightness and silliness to some of the situations.
His smiling face and cute little voice brought many a smile, when it was easier to not.
I am so thankful for him.

I hope you have a great, relaxing weekend!
I am hoping to get some sleep and get my house back in order!

Oh, and Happy Spring.
(It feels like 24 degree right now, so not feeling the spring time just yet,but at least there is hope!)

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