Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Rantings of a Yankee

Today i went to my little local library, the Chesapeake area library, to return some books and to pick up a few more. On my way in I saw a sign about Lee-Jackson day. I figured it was just another heavily Confederacy laced history lesson for the kids and did not think much further about it.
Since i have moved to Virginia, i have been completely surprised, shocked and slightly annoyed at the southern "confederacy" bent to the history around here. I know i am in the south and with the former Confederate capital of Richmond and hour or so away, i should not be so shocked. I grew up in west Michigan and never once thought about my "Union Heritage" or about how "We" won the war. I just grew up knowing about it and knowing the Michigan was a borderline state that also helped with the underground railroad. Simple as that. No union flags, no re-enactments, no bitter calls for another battle. It was just a sad part of American history.
Since coming to Virginia i have seen more Confederate flags than i cared too. I have seen bumper stickers claiming that the "South will rise again!" or to honor the fallen Confederate soldiers, or for all of the "Yankees" to leave the south. For some people the confederate flag is a sign or rebellion, to others is a their heritage passed down from their forefathers. Some people consider it a sign of racism and are highly offended. Regardless of how people feel, the attitude down here is that the "horrible" Yankees ruined their south. Nothing is said about how the plantations and the south was built on the back of slaves.
So, as i was standing in line to check out my books, i read the sign. Friday the 18th, the library would be closed to observe Lee-Jackson day. The sign next to it was advertising that they would also be closed for Martin Luther King day. How odd. Too great southern generals next to the man who helped free his people and give them more civil rights. I have nothing against Robert E. Lee or Stonewall Jackson. Both men were godly men in their private lives. I do have a problem with celebrating the Confederacy and hoping for its glorious return.
So , enough rantings and raving... i have to make supper.

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