Monday, August 4, 2008

One Month Old!

Baby boy is one month old now! It seems crazy to think he is that old. I still feel like it has just been one incredible long day! Jack is sleeping 5 hours at night now, so i get to sleep from 1-6 most nights. He is making more baby noises and loves to make noises while he eats. He throughly enjoys just eating and hanging out... for a good hour! My goal is to get him to suck with out so many breaks and speed this whole process up! Jack is definitely getting chubbier. His little stick legs are starting to fill out more and he has a few more chins!
I am feeling much better from my c-section, but am battling an infection right now. It seems like i am at the doctors every other week! I have a mild case of mastitis, but i still have a fever,which makes it hard to take care of Jack. Motherhood does not have sick days.

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