Thursday, September 18, 2008


It is the middle of September and we are in the middle of a "cold" front, or so they say. This cold front dipped the temperature t0
a low 70 degrees. That is right, a cool 70 degrees. To me, it felt heavenly and a much needed break from the 90+ earlier. The locals here? Freezing. While having the ability to actually take a walk with Jack outside last night, it made me really really miss fall and fall weather.
Fall is my favorite time of the year. I love the beautiful muted oranges, browns and olive greens. I like the crispness in the air.I like sweaters and boots. I like football and bonfires. I like drinking coffee and taking walks. I like celebrating being thankful and the beginning anticipation of Christmas. I really miss Minneapolis in the fall and i miss my rural Michigan home town during the fall. I miss apple orchards and carmel apples. They don't have apple orchards here in VA.  I have always loved fall. My birthday is in the fall and my wedding anniversary is in the fall.
Fall is very different in Virginia beach. September is still just as hot as the summer months, except for the slight possibility that you have a "cold" front come through for a few days or it might cool down a few degrees at night. You can't really enjoy the extra month of summer at the beach though. Jellyfish mate off the shore of the beach and than die after they finish mating the end of August and September. Nice, right? So, that means in the 90+ weather you don't go to the beach unless you want to walk all over dead jellyfish or venture into the water and get stung by the dying or mating jellyfish. The leaves don't really turn colors here, they just kinda fall off and that is not usually till late November. It doesn't really cool down till November either. That means that all the brand new fall clothes in Banana and H&M can never really be worn, it is too hot. I do enjoy the mild winter months, but i really miss those crisp fall days! I am just going to have to live vicariously through the beautiful fall post of my blogging friends...

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Crystal Leigh said...

I feel ya....80 degrees in Spain isnt' fall. But I'm enjoying it! In MN I would be bringing out the sweaters and layering pieces...but here...I think I'm going to wear a strapless dress on Saturday, celebrating my bday in Segovia, it says it'll be 80ish! by the way...I don't want to step or swim with mating jellyfish...that's weird!