Thursday, September 4, 2008

Kids say the darnest things...

When we first had Jack people told us to write down the funny things he would say and do, because you think you will alway remember it, but you don't. I think that is a great idea. While Jack's only form of talking is cute baby coos and big gummy smiles, this is a story that i want to always remember.
This is my niece Emily. She is 6 and gorgeous. She is also FULL of personality. She always has been, since she was a little baby.
When Ryan and i were in Michigan we were at his parent's house for a big family picnic. I needed to nurse Jack, so i went inside. Emily and my 12yr old niece Paxton were playing around the house. Jack was nursing and i was properly covered, but most of Jack's head was exposed. It was hot and there was no A/C in the house. Emily and Paxton had been running through the house and now were playing in the living room. Emily came over, patted Jack's head and asked if he was sleeping. I told her that Jack was not sleeping, he was eating right now. She stopped dead in her tracks and went back over to look at Jack. She than looked up at me, with the most horrified look on her face, and with a disgusted voice she proclaimed, " Jack drinks boob?!?!" I nodded yes and told her that it was how babies ate. She than told me that that was absolutely disgusting and she was SO glad that she was not Jack. Paxton tried to explain that babies always nurse from their moms and that she did it too. I don't really remember if Emily was formula or breast fed, but she would not believe that babies would want to drink boob. After she ran out of the room, Ryan and i laughed so hard... Poor little girl, she was probably scarred for life.


Andrea said...

that is a funny story! i love it!

Crystal Leigh said...

Yes!! I'm so glad you put this story on here, un edited! Perfect!