Sunday, April 5, 2009

9 months!

Baby boy turned 9 months old on Saturday! He is getting so big! I can believe how fast he has grown. He is my little adventurer these days.

His newest tricks are....

~ He can crawl up on all fours! He does not do it all the time, but he can definitely move. He does a half arm crawl, half up on all fours. He is much faster on his belly, so when he wants to move, he drops down and wiggles his way there.

~ He can pull himself up to standing! He is doing it more and more. His favorite thing to pull up on? His momma. If i lay on the floor with him, he crawls all over me and pulls up to standing.

~ He has 6 teeth! The sixth one is making its way down and making for one crabby little man...

~ He will crinkle his nose when he smiles now. It is silly. It makes his smile crooked. It is adorable. He only does it when he is really happy or being really silly. Cute.

My little man is getting bigger and bigger and i love him more and more.

Happy Nine Months, Jack!

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