Thursday, April 30, 2009

Jack does Nashville

Jack took on Nashville last week. He came and he conquered.

He sat down for a few GMA interviews that week.

He also sat down to host a few One Cubed segments down at the One Cubed studios. He wants to be the next blonde host.

After a hard day's work at the studio, he and Daddy went for a dip

He is a high roller, so he checked out the views from the 24th floor of the Reniassance Hotel. Downtown looks good from up there.

He checked out LP stadium, where the Colts will decimate the Titans this season. Sweet.

Hanging out at the Cheekwood Botanical Gardens was hard work. Time for a snooze.

Tried to make friends with the grass. Not happening.

Checked out the Opryland Hotel and all it folage.

Jack was embarressed that his dad took this picture, and that his mom thought it was funny.

The End.


Kurt said...

great pictures!

John and Sarah Clore said...

wow could jack and ryan look anymore alike? the picture in the pool, jack looks like a mini ryan!

Laura said...

These were great pics. Joel said Jack looked fat in the pool. Joel still has his issues. I think he was darling in every picture!