Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Glove part 2

We celebrated Jack's first birthday a few weeks early! We were with the whole family and could not let his first birthday go by without a party, even if it was early! We held the party at the perfect place, my Grandparent's house on the river.

I decided to just do cupcakes and no cake for the big people. I also decided to do fun cupcakes, not just the plain boring kind. They turned out pretty good for my first time using frosting tips. I also made some delicious cake bites.

See. Isn't it just the perfect party place?

Ryan did his share of the cooking, by helping with the hot dogs.

The deserts.

Jack got his own special cake. It was a banana cake with a cream cheese frosting. I was super leery of a sugary frosting, so we used apple juice concentrate. I don't know why i bothered so much, since he hates having his hands dirty and would only poke at the cake.

Here is a cute smiling picture before he freaked out because his hands were dirty and people( mom and dad) kept trying to make him eat the cake...

Present time!

Cute baby in sunglasses...also before another freak out.

Happy Birthday with Grandma and Grandpa Fedell

Why bother with cake and presents when you can walk?!?!

His favorite part of the whole party was the people, especially Zachary. He would get to walk with help with everyone and he loved it!


Mrs. W said...

looks like a very fun birthday! happy birthday jack!

Crystal Leigh said...

that is so funny..samuel didn't/doesn't like having his hands dirty too. kids are so silly. i would've ate his cake...send me some in the mail!! DHL is best to Spain.